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Best Covers
P.S. "Burning Down The House"  
Best Covers
Bonnie Raitt covering anything James Taylor or John Haitt did was always good.  
Songs you use when auditioning gear
Not so much specific songs if you're talking about auditioning. I'll grab three or four cd's and make sure they have the following combination: A horn, piano, human voice, and acoustic guitar, and a drum solo.  
Help With New Preamp Decision
I am a 1.3 extreme owner. I wish to touch on one topic only; that being choice of music. If you do get one of these be aware it will show every piece of beauty and flaws from a signal. In many ways it's a slave to the signal and simply a straight ... 
Aurender Music Server and CD Transport comparison
Well said 8th-note and I concur. Different strokes for different folks. I for one place a great emphasis on playing CD's simply because I enjoy it. Like pulling a book from a library. Knowing this, I went through three different transports in thre... 
Aurender Music Server and CD Transport comparison
Inclined to go with Audiolab based on op's list.  
Anyone listen to Music on a FM tuner anymore?
+1 to ricmci. 8-12 daily on local NPR classical. MR 88 w/outdoor antenna.  
REL Sub Hum
I own one. Had the same issue. Simply needs to be grounded.  
BEST little know Jazz Album that you ever heard?
Ordered and just received Curtis Counce today. It's a keeper. Thanks to all.  
BEST little know Jazz Album that you ever heard?
Norman Granz' Jazz At The Philharmonic, Hartford 1953.  
What was your first record?
First 33 lp I ever bought was "Prologue" by Renaissance.  
Resolving CD Transports Crowd Sourcing
Just chiming in as another former Sim 260D owner who had transport issues.  
Aric Audio
Clarity in the midrange at lower volumes.  
Your last concert was to see who and when?
Richard Thompson at the Homer (NY) Center For The Arts 5/23.  
List some of your favorite live Jazz recordings
I forgot a fourth, but a great fourth: "Norman Granz' 'Jazz At The Philharmonic' Hartford 1953"