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Plinius 8200 vs. 9100 -Which one?
I can tell you the difference between the 8200 and the 8100 were night and day. I would imagine the 8200 would actually still sound better than the newer 9100. I had the 8100 for several years and then the 8200 for several years after that. 
Proac Tablette Ref 8 Sig Vs 1SC
There you go. That answers that. 
Advice on mistracking or some problem
Did you play with anti-skate? 
Magnepan MMG or Vandersteen 1C
Sounds like you might have some budget gear. The vandersteens will most likely sound good with a wider range of budget gear. The mmgs can sound amazing with the right amp and ok with others. Try Naim. The naim gear controls the bottom end of maggi... 
Other than music, why are you an audiophile?
When everything clicks, its the closest thing to time travel. 
ADS L1290/2 Speakers
How much money do you want to spend? Do you want an integrated, separates? Off the bat a good integrated like a naim nait3 or 5 would go a long way to making your speakers boogey. 
Trying Magnepans, need advice
Yep. Kind of a small room for maggies. Totem arros might be a better deal for that matter or a pair of meadowlark kestrels which can be usually had for a bargain price. I have mmgs with modded crossovers which I have used for my computer system an... 
Naim with Magnepan's???
Naim works magic with maggies. I have a modded pair of MMGs that are being driven with naim 62 pre and 90 amp and they sound wonderful. These are classic olive pieces from early 90s. I think the amp is 45 watts into 4 ohms but they kick but on the... 
Decent moderate priced speaker for large room
Older mirage speakers can be quite dynamic and sound amazingly good for very little money the money. 
Meadowlark Ospreys X-over frequencies for bi-amp
So you are planning on removing the crossover components from inside the speakers? 
Krell or Plinius?
I had a plinius 8200 and it was by far the best integrated I ever owned. I imagine the 9200 would work very well with your speaks. 
How do the Magnepan 1.7's sound
Thanks for the link, James63. I imagine just putting the regular 1.6s into an aluminum frame would give an improvement in sound. I used to own 1.6s five or six years ago and would be very interested in hearing the 1.7s. 
Magnepan Owners - Need Your Thoughts Please
My maggies sound superb with a naim nap 90 which is only a 40 watt amp. The naim gear sounds much better than a very good plinius 8200 which was rated at 175 Watts. So, big power amps are not an automatic match with maggies. I would imagine the VT... 
Warm Sounding Surround Receiver
I have had many ht recievers including the HKs which are great bang for buck, but the arcam recievers are special. 
ipod into preamp OK?
If you mean plug your headphone output into one of the inputs of a preamp, then yes it is very safe.