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Rockport Lyras
I've never been impressed with the ultra high end schtick that the "lab" seemed to vlog about.  As for the Lyra's wouldn't that be a step down from the Wilson's he sold?  Why would he do that?  I thought the journey was to keep going higher?  (rhe... 
AE SP12 or Zavfino Nova OCC?
@mclinnguy not a bad idea and I would but I've got my speakers positioned where they are pretty much locked in and don't want to mess with them.  Order is in for the Prima so will see how they perform.  
AE SP12 or Zavfino Nova OCC?
@rlb61 leaning towards the Prima MKII 9AWG.  But will update what I decide.  
AE SP12 or Zavfino Nova OCC?
Thanks.  I hear the same feedback from Zavfino, hence, is why I wanted to hear from those that have had both.    
AE SP12 or Zavfino Nova OCC?
Yep!  I had a Dunning Kruger moment.  
AE SP12 or Zavfino Nova OCC?
Thanks I was looking at that as well.  Since I need 3 meters Zavfino does not do returns for custom orders that's why I wanted to get any feedback from someone that has tried both.    
AE SP12 or Zavfino Nova OCC?
What system do you have?  I take it the SP12s just didn't work out?  
San Jose CA
Another in Fremont.  Did this ever materialize?  
Borresen Loudspeakers
I've had the X2s for over a week now and they have hardly broken in yet but they are the best speakers I've had to date.  I'm limited in the space I have in my dedicated listening room (~15x20), so mostly had stand mounts or smaller footprint towe... 
Started with $1k speakers … what now?
The best way is audition to find which speaks to you if at all possible.  You can have a look at Arendal speakers as they offer the best customer service and trial period of any other audio company that I'm aware of.    
Borreson X2
Here is a nice video which showcases the X2 with a follow up comparing it with the X3.  It's in Korean but with english subtitles.   I've ordered the X2s which works best for my limited space in my dedicated listening room.    
Speaker for 11x12 room
Try Arendal Sound.  Best customer service in the business!  No dealers to deal with as direct to consumers.  100% risk free with a 60 days audition period with free shipping including returns.  Tell me another HiFi company that does that?   ht...