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Why no love for Integra's?
Apogee doesn't make DACs ?What's this ? makes a range of DACs that are widely used and highly regarded in pro-audio. They also make clock sync. products. 
Car Battery as Power Source
Unless someone has tried it with your equipment I think you'll have to try it, though I wouldn't be surprised if it sounded worse, not better.Some powerline filters do regenerate the AC. They tend to be the more expensive ones, as they are really ... 
"Thankfully, this thread has been free of the simplistic idea that the audio signal is alternating current."Simplistic but true. However for interconnects the shielding should be connected at the source end, hence the arrows. 
What Record Clamp for LP12?
Michell engineering (makers of the Gyro, Orbe, and tecnodec) make a clamp that might work.I think clearaudio also makes one.I'm not certain it will improve things. What are you trying to change ? 
funk firm t'tables?
Try posting or searching at, a UK hifi forum. There's many references to funk on there, and the participants own a wide range of turntables from Rega P2s and Technics SL1200s through AC Ravens and Notts hyperspaces. 
Better than nose pickin'.....
Last year I found a pioneer CD player out for the trash in the rain. Took it home, dried it out in the furnace room, and a few days later took it apart to find the lens had fallen out and was rattling around inside the player.A little epoxy had th... 
Monitor Audio Made in China?
Unions and CEOs appear to be equal parts of the problem to me. The US auto industry has been destroyed by the UAW and by terrible management. If company management treated workers reasonably (like Henry Ford) then unions would not be needed.I have... 
Monitor Audio Made in China?
Damn greedy unions, expecting paid vacations, bathroom breaks, health insurance etc etc. Who the hell do they think they are ? Who cares if my hifi was made by a 12 yr old who works 20 hour shifts ...... cont p.94 
Monitor Audio Made in China?
Most Quad stuff is now made in China, and that's certainly not low end. However you feel about it you shouldn't be surprised to see made in china stickers on a lot of brand name audio equipment. If the country of manufacture matters then a little ... 
Car Battery as Power Source
I'd want to check the output of the invertor on an oscillascope before going down that route: I wouldn't be surprised if the output of the invertor was nowhere near sinusoidal, possibly much worse than mains AC. You'd have to check it under load, ... 
Turntable mats
I have a Rega planar 3 with a glass platter and the 5mm Funk Achromat really cleaned up the sound versus the felt mat. 
REL with Integrated Amp connection Question
Connect the REL to the speaker outputs of the Krell. The REL is a very high impedance input (meaning the Krell won't even notice it's in parallel with your speakers). The REL draws almost zero current (or power) so it doesn't need speaker cable: I... 
Queen song question?
Being a queen fan I tend to agree with Shadorne that the recordings aren't great.I also wonder whether you're trying to demand too high SPLs for your room. A larger listening room, and / or room treatments to make the current room less lively migh... 
The dumbest thing you ever did to your stereo?
" When I turned the pre on there was a horrific screeching, high-decibel, other worldly noise eminating from my new B&W diamonds""Because I dismantled the preamp so fast I still don't know what the hell I did."That's easy. You left that Celine... 
Cw, I can't compare to the ATC SCM7s. but I feel that the Green Mountain Audio Europas would make a good nearfield studio monitor, especially for the money. Their only problem is that they have a very low WAF.