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Today's Transport War: Significant Differences?
"I guess If you destroy the original signal (say in a bad computer or a crappy DVD player) and then reconstruct it on the DAC, the result is not the same as if the signal is kept complete (as much as possible) from transport to DAC. "How are you d... 
Today's Transport War: Significant Differences?
Jeff, in theory you're correct, but in practise I believe you're wrong, and the principal reason is due to the poor design of the whole transport - interface - DAC setup.I agree with you that the 1s and 0s get to the DAC with no problem, but the i... 
Sealed Loudspeakers?
What size, budget ? Spendor S3/5 and Harbeth and Stirling Broadcast LS3/5 derivatives are sealed.Why are you excluding bass reflex designs ? 
Help My wife bought me a sub
The Velodyne SMS-1 is a very good idea. Why didn't I think of that !? 
Help My wife bought me a sub
I run an REL strata 3 in a similarly sized room and it sounds great. However to make any sub sound great I've found it has to be out towards the middle of the room. At least the REL doesn't look too bad away from the room periphery, especially if ... 
DAC under $1K
I've never heard it myself, but all descriptions (by users) of the Electrocompaniet EMC-1UP upsampling DAC exactly match your descriptions. It's about $1200 used, just above your budget, but could easily be resold for about the same money. 
Any tips on stripping high gauge wire?
Buy a wire stripper that goes to 30 gauge wire. It will be cheaper than sending your RB600 back to rega if attempts with an exact-o-knife go wrong :-) 
Is there an optimal interconnect lenght?
For analog interconnects shorter is always better, unless, that is, it's too short to reach between the components. :-) That's basic electronics theory.Anyone who tells you otherwise is advocating interconnects as tone controls. 
Just went to my first record show...
I wish I was closer. It sounds like a great time.That Joe Jackson album (look sharp) is great. The track "Pretty Girls" cracks me up each time I listen to it. 
Transport - does it matter to the sound at all?
Jsadurni, I certainly don't claim to know the answers to this problem, but here is another DAC manufacturer who says that all transports sound the same, provided they are slaved to an accurate clock in the DAC ... 
Transport - does it matter to the sound at all?
Zaikes ... I also use a Monarchy DIP. I wasn't critcizing your choice. It's a great product for the price.Jsadurni, "brute force and ignorance" is a term for using over-specified products to achieve an end. I was not accusing you of being ignorant. 
Optimism in Music.
"Let's stay together" by Al Green. Just a really nice song in every respect. 
Transport - does it matter to the sound at all?
Thanks for the reply. An additional feature of the Genesis (and the 518, which is a dual PLL, not a true reclocker) is the ability to add dither, and play with the word length. With my limited DSP background dither would appear to be a very intere... 
Pitch problem. Help
As a Rega P3 owner I found the following causes most of the speed instability:1) Off-center pressings (or oversized spindle hole in the LP). A little tapping on the periphery of the record (NOT WITH THE ARM LOWERED !!!!) will often center the reco... 
Transport - does it matter to the sound at all?
Steve, the closest to what you suggest "A true re-clocker with good ground isolation" would appear to be the genesis digital lens. (I've never used one, but would like to have a play with one).