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AudioQuest Niagara 1200 vs 3000 vs 5000 for Sources Only
For sources get another 1200. Then plug all your digital gear and wall warts into one and all your analog gear, including TT, phono preamp, preamp into the other. Keeping them separate is usually your best bet rather than upgrading to a higher mod... 
Most rooms don’t need acoustical treatment.
Oops, you forgot to begin your statement with IMO. And there is that "snake oil" term again...Ugh. Go back to Facebook troll. 
What frustrates you the most about seller’s for sale ads?
Dealers that use this site to sell products at retail price, or "call for pricing". Dealers that state, "WE TAKE TRADES!", then when I offer an item that is only a few months old and in mint condition, they reply, "Sorry we won't take that."  
Audiophile metal albums
Fates Warning "Long Day Good Night" 24/96 streamed on Qobuz sounds great on my Magnepan 3.7i system and highly recommended. 
On the hunt for the "just right" turntable lamp-ideas, and where to find 'em?
Go to Amazon and search on "gooseneck lamp". Plenty to choose from with a clip. 
Falling out of love for my Gallo Strada 2’s (long)
I recently decided to try something different and took the Gallo Strada 2's out of my AV system. I replaced them with Klipsch Heresy 3's. WOW! what a huge improvement in realism and excitement. TV is much more intelligible and dynamic. 2-channel m... 
What are the current "speaker trends" in your opinions?
- Aluminum for enclosure material.- Wireless speakers - Use of on-board DSP- Choices of colors- Better budget models 
How many amps do you own?
Like candy bars, it's probably a good idea to own both a solid state amp and a tube amp. Sometimes you feel like a nut; sometimes you don’t. 
Audiopile hyperbole, reference, SOTA, ultimate and more...
The Best, The Best Value, Reduced, I’ll cover PayPal, Minty, Perfect Condition, No original box, but..., Smoke-free, Child-free, Pet-free, No stories 
Good Product or Nonsense?
I have used Optrix in the past, but stopped using it after it ruined a few disc surfaces - it left a haze on the surface that could not be removed. I could not say it improved the sound at all. I have used Liquid Resolution and that did improve th... 
Kids during audition - aaaaagh!!
I once had a friend over to do some listening and all they did was spend the entire time on their phone answering messages while giggling. Ugh!Also gotta love it when you have a couple audiophile buddies over for some critical listening and the ne... 
Audio Additives Stylus Force Gauge inconstantcy
Thank you to all that have chimed in to my post and much appreciated is the Riverstone Audio gauge recommendation from bdp24 and Uberwaltz. I ordered one from Amazon and used it over the weekend; sure enough the Riverstone is a good scale and off... 
Herbies Pucks floor spike protectors...
I use Herbie's gliders under my Wilson MAXX speakers to be able to move them on a hardwood floor. The use of the gliders did not change the sound at all. If I place my hand on the bottom of the speaker when played loud, I don't feel any vibration ... 
DeoxIT on tube pins
I use DeoxIT D50L for tube pins. Here is the kit that I use and works great:https://www.musicdirect.com/tubes/caig-vacuum-tube-survival-kit 
Your best “Necessity is the mother of invention” moment with your system
Herbies Cone/Spike Decoupling Gliders under my Wilson MAXX speakers and REL subs improved sound and allows me to move the heavy beasts with no problem. Great product; great company.https://herbiesaudiolab.com/collections/loudspeaker-rack-decouplin...