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AV Receiver Used/New Recommendation
The Marantz SR5005 ... I saw it on Ebay NEW for $405 shipped. That's a steal.The NAD T747 for $700 is another good deal. 
Advice for friend putting together a surround sys.
I totally agree w/Meiwan. The Nad T747 is on closeout (I just bought one) and a steal at that price. Just make sure the speakers are 8 ohm .... again, too many choices to mention. 
Marantz SR7005 OR Pioneer ELite SC-35
Cerrot,IF I was to "increase my budget a little" what would you recommend? 
Is 11' distance from projector screen too close?
I want to thank everyone for their time and response.I have an opportunity to purchase a new, in the box, Sony VPL-HW15 for about a grand less than anywhere I can find it on the net. Just seriously concerned about the short distance and whether or... 
Is anyone else enjoying Monsoon desktop planars?
I once had the Monsoon MM1000(?) it had four planars with a subwoofer and it was absolute killer. If anyone has a chance to find one .... grab it. 
Best U.S.A. speakers?
ZU Audio in Utah. Roger Sanders Systems (formerly Innersound) 
Sanders ESL Power Amp & Mono blocks
I had the Innersound I330 power amp paired with the Innersound Eros Mk 3.5 passive ESL's and the combination was pure bliss. I would highly recommend a used Innersound amp or one from Roger, especially if you own a difficult to drive electrostatic... 
Transmission line speakers - great with tubes
If you get a chance to pick up a pair of Buggtussel Amygdala's .... grab them. The TL bass on them was one of the best I've heard. 
What amp with Innersound Eros ?
I've owned two versions of the Innersound Eros. The first pair I used the Bel Canto SET 40 on the panels and the sound was absolutely superb. I agree, contrary to popular opinion, the Eros doesn't require huge amounts of power. 
Active Speakers: The usual suspects ....
Thank you for the recommendation. Unfortunately, the MM27 comes in at $7,000 pair (street price), which is way out of my price range, although Shadorne is correct, they've received rave reviews. 
Active Speakers: The usual suspects ....
Shadorne: Thanks for the in-depth info, although I'm not sure I totally understand everything. One of the reviewers of the DigiDesign RM2 by PMC stated this: "Unlike analog active speakers, the Digidesign/PMC speaker converts the analog to digital... 
Active Speakers: The usual suspects ....
I've also learned Focal makes a line of active speakers. The Solo6 Be and Twin6 Be look interesting .... however, neither one has an 'active' digital crossover. I hate to ask: Is that critically important? I've noticed quite a few of the pro audio... 
Mogami balanced cables .... or another brand?
I contacted Redco and their prices are outstanding.The Gotham GAC-4/1 (the counterpart to Mogami 2534) has been highly recommended as well.Thanks to everyone who responded. 
American made Subwoofer
Two subs made in America are the Zu Mini Method and the larger Zu Method .... (Ogden Ut) anyone have an opinion on either one? 
American made Subwoofer
Musicman07: I suspect you are right. At least one part or another of most subs is going to be contracted out. I'd thought I'd give it a try though. I would be interested - and I'll bet others as well - in your thoughts on your Selah Whomp sub.