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Monoblock Aegirs
I have single Aegir with vandersteen sig I’s. There is plenary of low end when the song is produced that way. I know people always think the bass is missing but it will vary from recording to recording. When I put on Pink Floyd the wall through qu... 
Think fast: What would you take?
Hope you are safe. No question I would take my guns and amo so I could Rittenhous any rioters I came across on the way. Then I would not stop driving until I was out of the state to never return. 
Apparently new artist don't even know what a melody is and drum machines suck
Very few musicians left. They have been replaced by “performers”. They do all sound the same as the production companies own the tracks and are just too cheap to develop new tracks. All about the money. 
What is missing here?
Reading forums and looking at specs is why I was very hesitant to buy Vandersteen model 2’s to pair with my Schiit Aegir. I am glad I did not listen to the opinions out there as the two together sound fantastic and will get loud enough to to shake... 
Want to setup basic home audio system
If you already have a laptop or mobile phone you have your streamer. Add an IFi zen blue for$169 and you are up and streaming in hi res. 
One of the Best Stereo System in the World!
Pretty cool I can only dream how I could have done the same except I got married. 
Length of speaker cables
straight from Richard Vandersteen. Shortest speaker cable possible and longer component cables equal better sound. 
Just installed a bluesound node 2i , quality not so good
in reading responses that you need to run this through an external dac what is the purpose. I run MacBook Pro usb to external dac into preamp. Already had the Mac so I was able to put all of the money into the dac. Why do people continue to over t... 
ls FM radio even listenable any more?
I have Bluetooth speakers throughout my house and play internet radio stations all day long. Is it reference sound? No it is not. Is it good background music? Yes very much so. We do have access to some decent local radio while in the car. I have ... 
To warm up or not to warm up, and...?
IMO from what I have read it is not so much the heat that will degrade the unit as much as the heating cooling cycle. This is why most high end manufacturers recommend you keep your equipment on all the time. They use components that are designed ... 
Soundstage gone
You might need to go with an external phono stage that will accommodate MC. Then you can rca into any other input that is open. Vincent makes a nice tube phono pre that would work. 
700.00 speakers new or used
I picked up a pair of vandersteen model 2ce signature II’s for 700$ on eBay. Local pickup turned into my best two channel buy ever. 
~$15K floorstanders: opinions sought
Take a look at DeVore he make great speakers that are beautiful. 
Ok now I am frustrated with streaming
I stream through spectrum and don’t have your issue but do have issues. I have run multiple speed tests at different times of the day and get results anywhere from 32 to 225. It is not just me but our entire neighborhood. We have had them out here... 
Suggestions for pure headphone amp around $200?
Look at Schiit I don’t know off the top of my head but they do have a headphone amp that is the same class A circuit as their Aegir amp. I think the Aegir sounds great and would expect the headphone amp to be on par.