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Large Room which speakers?
All good responses...I have a similar situation with my room...20 x 30 but only 7 ft ceilings. see my system with Tyler Acoustic Woodmere IIs as the mains and B&W companions. Really depends on your application. As mine is mostly music (80%)wit... 
Integrateds: $3K, $4.5K or $5K
Many moons ago I bought a HK but traded it for a super Onkyo Integrated and still own it but have it serving another duty for outdoor enjoyment...But consider another...CODA....even though it has no headphone...I do have a separate HP amp for that... 
Best movie to see what your HT AUDIO will do.
Another good one is the pod race in Star Wars Phantom Menace. Truly a good work out and test of the system...Star Trek too..the last two releases especially 
oppo 103, marantz 5007, or yamaha advantage 1010 ?
If you can afford it...I would go with the Oppo BDP 105...worth the jump 
Wells Innamorata vs CODA 15.5??????????
I cannot speak on your speakers or the 15.5. But I do currently own and love my Coda CSi integrated amp. Runs my set of Tyler Acoustic Woodmere II speakers (hard to drive as well with their 4 ohm impedance). Could not be happier...The Coda does no... 
What tube pre amp to use
Happy with my Modwright SWL 9.0 as a pre-amp...these are in your price range and if you are able to get one with the tube rectified power supply even that much better...Mine feeds my Tyler Acoustic Woodmere II's... 
Class A or AB amp for JBL S4700 speakers
Look at Coda as well 
Do you indulge when listening to your rig?
LOL Czar... 
Do you indulge when listening to your rig?
Wolfe...becoming a bit Hunter S Thompspon...Nixon..get'em 
Oppo BDP-105 Region Free
Ditto Zimmerma.... 
Oppo BDP-105 Region Free
I bought my 105 direct from way to go...Mine has not been online for any updates and works flawlessly since I bought it when it first came out...Upgraded from the BDP-93 and an upgrade it was...couldn't be happier 
I do not find my Coda CSi near a tube sound...I find it very detailed and true to the intended pressing. What I like is the stage it presents and the power to back it up. 
Which Integrated amps should I audition?
I second the Coda Technologies mention. I have the CSi with unbalanced RCA connects...this unit is mind blowing in every way and truly is a mate with my Tyler Woodmere II's.. 
speaker recommendations needed
Dawg...Honestly I would talk with Ty and see about a trade in with your D 1's. Ty will make something that would be suitable for your scenario. I own the woodmere II's and these are amazing like your D series...Plus I also use B&W in my setup ... 
Integrates That Go Well With Totem Forest
I second the Coda route...I was lucky to acquire a CSi about two years ago and have been very happy. Drives my tough Tyler Acoustic Woodmere II's with ease in a nice large room...Bliss comes to mind..