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Von Schweikert VR-4.5 vs. VS VR-4 Gen III HSE
I owned the VR4 Silvers when they first came out in 1996. I also had a chance to audition the 4.5 at Holm Audio shortly thereafter. I couldn't hear much of an improvement. Although the room was unfamiliar, the associated electronics were much bett... 
Best new loudspeaker
I must be missing something. Doesn't the website say the xover is two way? Something just don't add up......Shakey 
YOUR Favorite Bookshelf/Monitor below $500
The Usher S-520 is indeed special at it's price point. A used pair of GMA Europas would be extremely hard to beat and often surface on the 'Gon for around 500.00.Shakey 
Tube sound with no tubes
I had a TVC using the S&B Mark I trannies. It sounded more like a tube preamp than a lot of tube preamps did. By that I mean it was full and rich, but with lots of transparency and resolution. I'm not sure how a TVC would work in your situatio... 
Size matters...need smaller speakers
I had the Tiny Dancer in for a weekend audition. It will play like a much bigger speaker than it is, and the bass will surprise you. However, it sounded rather mechanical and the midrange wasn't nearly as palpable as that of the GMA Callistos. I'd... 
Von Schweikert VR4-JR
Since you say that ALL the tweeters exhibit this, I don't think it's a driver issue. Sounds more like it's a problem with the recordings. I would listen to the same material on a completely different system and see if it is still audible. 
Von Schweikert VR4-JR
If you are hearing it from ALL the tweeters, I doubt very seriously it is a driver problem. It is most likely a product of whatever recording you are listening to at the time, combined with the level you are listening at. And you may just be more ... 
Speakers that do rock justice ...
PBN Montana loudspeakers. 
Best speakers for 3 cord rock and roll
Pretty much all Montanas, even down to the SP2/3 are very good at doing loud, dynamic rock n roll.