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Need Hi Eff, Omni-directional Speakers
Bose 901 s used are very reasonable. 
Your thoughts on these different tubes?..
EL 34 s are the best and most beautiful sounding. The 12ax7 is a very good sounding tube and lasts longer than any of the others and is the easiest to get either on the NOS market or brand new. My humble opinion after 35 years of listening. Shay 
Mono blocks that can provide that golden sound...
Do yourself a favor. Get some Dynaco Mark II s or Mark IIIs or better yet a Dynaco ST-70. It will cost you under a 1000 dollars and the sound is to die for. Make sure they are stock with no issues and use NOS tubes or brand new Sheguang Black Trea... 
William Z Johnson RIP
Him and conrad johnson were the only ones making tube equipment when transistors took over. Lucky for us tube lovers they stuck with it and became very successful. He will be missed. 
What kind of 12ax7's are these fellas ?
Im just guessing but I think they are Telefunken or Amperex. 
Turntable/arm/cartridge VALUE combination for 600
A used AR ES-1 or EB-101 are very good turntable/arm combo and sell for about 400 dollars or less used. Mine came with a shure M97xe cartridge which is pretty good for the price and I agree with the NAD mm/mc phono preamp it is very good and I hav... 
Phono Stage Question Beginner
Yes it should be better than your receivers phono input. I also recommend the NAD pp2 which for 30 dollars more gives u bothe mm and mc inputs. They are both bargains. Shay 
New to the black plates- looking for TT at 3K
The only problem with the VPI classic is that like my SOTA, it weighs a ton and is hard to move around. For the same price or lower I would recommend a used Linn or the newer AR table with the stock arm or no arm so u can mount the arm of your cho... 
California Audio Show-why I hate audio conventions
I hate Diana Kralls music. I like the way she looks though. Im sure that sells a lot of albums. 
Need suggestions for speakers for Classe system.
I had good luck with Cardas speaker cable between my Classe and my Genesis entre one speaker. Try a different speaker cable and see if that improves the sound. It did in my system. 
When less is more...10 reasons to own Thorens
I feel the same way about my AR XA s. I love those turntables they are so simple yet so good. 
What speakers have best bass for hip hop, and rock
Try some Klipschhorns. Those are guaranteed to rock u out and they dont need much power to play really loud and clean and they are cheaper on the used market than the inefficient B and W s . 
Experience w/Cabasse Farella 400s/Audio Note AZ2
I like the Heresy iii. I like it better than the Cabasse which is more laid back. I have not heard the Audio Notes but I have heard that they are good with tube amps which Audio Note also manufactures. So if u r sticking with solid state amps I wo... 
According to theory, moving coils should be immune to capacitance changes. But in audio, theory isnt always right. Trust your ears and leave it set on the setting that sounds best to u. Yes moving magnets and moving iron cartridges behave the same... 
Grace F-9
The mv output for the F9 series was 3.5mv. They differed only in stylus type and tracking force. I have a data sheet which lists the specs for the whole F9 series. If u have other questions about it just email me. shay