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anyone using piega speakers?
I'm a bit late to the party, but I have the C-8 Ltds and find the top end to be some of the most naturally extended airy and delicate highs I've heard. I run them with Manley NeoClassic 250 Tube amps, a pass X1 pre and have cardas golden ref power... 
Piega and tube amps
I run my C-8 Ltd's with Granite audio 860 mono's in triode mode. Very not flat : ) They could use some more punch and to be perfectly honest it should have more power. These are very very powerful sounding 30 watt amps as well I should mention (so... 
Acoustic Zen or Harmonic Technology
You'd be surprised but magic link / silver ref 2 make a nice combo. I find the AZ slvr ref 2's to be a touch hi fi sounding. Almost surreal in their clean sound. Not edgy but they present a lot of high frequency content in a demanding way. I curre... 
Best speakers with Pass labs X-350.5
Hmmm, Before you do buy, have a listen to what Piega has to offer. I'm in love with my speakers (C-8 Ltds). You might want to move up to the C-10Ltd if the extra bass makes a difference to you. They are astoundingly good speakers, I haven't heard ... 
What's the funniest song you ever heard?
The classic, I'm a lumberjack by kids in the hall. Pretty funny damn song.Honorable mention - A boy named sue, And then She bit me (fresh prince)I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK I sleep all night and I work all day. Chorus: He's a lumberjack and he's O... 
Can Piega P10's Be Placed Up Against The Wall?
My placement ended up being about 26 inches from the side wall and 23 from the rear wall. They still sounded very nice even in this small a room and I got depth and imaging. However I was sitting relatively near field in this case. You can cover t... 
Lugnut needs your advice on small speakers
I personally think the tyler acoustic speakers are a very good value in a bookshelf. At a cheaper pricepoint, I like the totem dreamcatcher and the vonschweikert VR-1. 
Latest NiN SACD release:Downward Spiral
I'd had the exact same thought. What could be better than an even better recording of Hurt : ) Now if only they'd get to pretty hate machine ... 
Calling PassLabs 350.5 owners.
Sure, sure, rub it in : ) 
Von Schweikert synergy
I found the BAT and Von schwiekert JR's made for a synergistic combination at the montreal audio show. The fact that they were chosen to be shown together says something as well. 
OK Stereophiles I Need a CD Player
Spend another $100 or so and get a used Cary 306/200. It's an astounding player and it's going for nothing these days. You won't find anything that'll come close for the price in my opinion. These are too good a deal to pass up. I owned one, bough... 
speaker with high WAF
What's your price range? If you can swing it, Piega's are lookers : ) 
My Revel Studios...They're Gone...Help?
No problem. Piega C-10 Ltds. You'll decide it was the best decision you'd ever made to sell those revel's : ) The 60 Watts will work magnificently on them, I run my C-8 Ltds with 30. I suspect the 10's are actually a little easier to produce bass ... 
Clean and thin sounding interconnect?
acoustic Zen silver ref mk II. These tilt things up in the frequency range a bit. They are actually a little smooth, but they extend very very well in the highs. They don't have a lot of added mid body in my opinion. And they are ultra transparent. 
Review: Pure Note Paragon Interconnect
So do they lean more towards the musical ala wireworld eclipse, or the smooth but slightly less bloomed ala harmonic tech magic links?Thanks~S