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Rockport Orion
"At least someone liked them."   Jim, you sound skeptical.  Have you heard them or talked to someone who has?   
Tidal Music
I had Tidal for 4 years and switched to Qobuz 6 months ago.  I much prefer Qobuz for the following reasons: (1) Qobuz just sounds better.  Not on every single album but on the vast majority;  (2) Qobuz has about 10x more hi-res content than Tidal ... 
Your method for discovering great music.
One that has not been mentioned yet is "Pro Studio Masters".  If you are on their email list you will receive 4 or 5 mailings per week of new releases and remastered music from several genres all in hi-res.  Almost all of the albums have samples o... 
Eva Cassiday Blew Me Away with her cover of Wayfaring Stranger....
Eva is magnificent and definitely worth exploring.  Try "Live at Blues Alley" for your next listen.  Unfortunately her catalog is not large as she died at a young age a number of years ago.  
Cabasse dealers in the US
Sorry, I moved on.  I now have Rockport Mira II's 
Stereo Receivers from the past...
  Hard to imagine a vintage receiver better than the Luxman R-117. 
Searching on Audiogon is Difficult...
david_ten, thanks!  You got my point completely.  If you want to look for T+A gear on Audiogon, the current search parameters are not helpful.  There may be other brands that are similarly affected but this is the one that frustrates me.  Maybe a ... 
Would this room treatment be worthwhile?
Ok, so I tried eric_squires' suggestion and hung a large down-filled quilt over the entire surface of the TV.  I invited my audiophile, musician friend with excellent hearing over to listen.  We played several pieces of classical, jazz and rock wi... 
Tchaikovsky Rococo Variations.
Thanks to all who replied...however, I wasn't looking for more recommendations on performances of of this piece.  Instead, using this piece as an example and my descriptors of what I found appealing about it, I was asking for more recommendations ... 
your favorite 3 Duke Ellington albums?
It's not "technically" Duke... but since you already like "Side by Side", you should hear "Johnny Hodges with Billy Strayhorn's Orchestra.  It's one of my all-time favorites regardless of genre.  I see where it is available on a 2013 SACD release.... 
dBpoweramp with iMac
I just checked the dBpoweramp support forum.  The Administrator confirmed that the latest version of dB is compatible with Catalina.  I hope this info is useful to other Mac users!Mahler123, thanks for your assistance. 
dBpoweramp with iMac
I found the contact info on Google.  Unfortunately the email address is to be used only for registration questions.  I posted on the "support forum" but no one has responded yet. 
dBpoweramp with iMac
I'm not sure how to contact them as no email or phone # is available on their site. 
Innuos Statement Review
lalitk, I also heard the Innuos demo at RMAF.  I concur with your praise of the Zenith Mk3 paired with the Phoenix re-clocker.  To my ears it was 95% of the Statement's SQ for a lot less money. 
Best Tubes on Market today?
+1 on Andy's Vintage Tubes.  He is the best I've ever worked with.