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Breaking news! Jays Audio is moving to Texas and takes interest in McIntosh
@jastralfu I’m pretty sure that your correct. He couldn’t audition the 901’s because he didn’t have the right connection(biwire) for his speakers. I think he actually had those amps listed here on Audiogon.  
Improving a stone rack
@jallan I’m not as well versed on granites and types of rocks as you, just going by what I was told. I don’t doubt anything you’ve said. I definitely agree that Valerio Alcora is a very nice guy and great rep for his company. I emailed the company... 
Improving a stone rack
I recently bought a rack from Acora audio and the shelves are African black granite. The underside of the shelves have some type of anti-resonate material attached to it. I always wanted to upgrade from my 20+ year old Target rack. I was thinking ... 
vibration control - cd player
My transport and dac sit on double-stacks of symposium rollerblocks and ultra platforms makes a very noticeable difference in performance. Got really good deals on the used market.  
Newer Blues Artists or Recordings
Give it up to love- Sam McClain   
Tube preamp with Adcom amp
I’m also a big Audible Illusions fan. There’s a few M3 versions at your price point up for sale on Audiomart. I know they’re having an issue w preamp tubes in stock from an email I received a few weeks ago. But, other than that great preamp and re... 
Room Acoustics
Really appreciate all your responses. I have bought bass traps for my front wall and it has tightened up the bass and improved the imaging. Before I went any further dealing w second reflection points and the rear wall behind the listening seat I ... 
Experience with Modwright products?
I had the KWA150SE amp and, I also owned the Sony player with all the Modwright Truth modifications. Very nice and very musical sound. Dan or one of his reps were always just a phone call away for any questions or suggestions.  Really sounded grea... 
Speaker and Cable Suggestions Please
Audio Research to me has always been a safe choice in amplification. I once owned a Vt-100 amp and never felt I was missing anything, even after upgrading to another amp still look back on it as a very good amp. Cable wise, Cerious Technologies Gr... 
Please recommend decoupling footers for DAC
My components with the exception being my monoblocks are all sitting on a very old inexpensive 25 year Target rack. What has given me great performance is most but not all components are now sitting on top of either new or used Symposium Acoustics... 
Adona with symposium platforms
I appreciate both of your responses. Having already invested quite a bit of money in Symposium products, I didn’t want to have to sell off my equipment. I was told by one person that Symposium platforms on Symposium racks are subtractive in regard... 
What cable companies make the best cables and sell them directly?
The cables that I use that sound good in my system at a reasonable price are Cerious Technologies Graphene Matrix power cords.   
Great Rock Bassists your Top 10.Rock not Jazz. But Hey what about Reggae
@tylermunns  of course I have heard of Louis Johnson of the Bros. Johnson. When I was growing up, the two best known r@b guitarist were Louis Johnson and Larry Graham. My ex-brother in law actually was pretty good, but issues within the band brok... 
Isolation Feet Upgrade
I appreciate everyone’s input and will look into it. Thanks.  
Isolation Feet Upgrade
Where can I purchase Black Ravioli products?