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Pass Labs XA30.8
@ddafoe @scothurwitz Thank you very much for your input and thoughts. I think it is clear now that I must try the XA30.8 with my system and hopefully purchase one.Cheers! 
Modwright PS 9.0 or PS Audio Steller Phono Preamp?
@bluorion An update. I did purchase the ModWright PH9.0. In every sense, it is superior to the inbuilt phono stage in my Moon 390. My power amp is Moon 330A as well. More air and openness without sounding too tubey! I am really enjoying my Modwrig... 
Hana SL or ML?
@anovak The Moon 390 is an amazing unit. It’s a good solid state preamp, DAC/streamer, phono stage and headphone amp. While the phono stage is no slouch, I might get a better separate phono stage later on. I pair it with Moon 330A power amp and th... 
Hana SL or ML?
@anovak Thanks! I have Sim Audio phono as well. It is built in my Sim Audio Moon 390 preamp. Do you run your Jolida phono with tube pre/power or solid state amps?  
Hana SL or ML?
Thanks spininvinyl. Based on the helpful comments in this post, I have decided to go for Hana SL instead of the ML at this point of time. Cheers! 
Hana SL or ML?
Thank you all!! Much appreciated sharing your thoughts!