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USB Cables: Audioquest's Diamond vs Wireworld Pla
Hello CoxhausI tried both Audioquest Diamond and Wireworld Platinum. In my system, for my ears, in my acoustic environment it was no contest - Diamond won easy. 
I heard BAT was sold
I cannot confirm if BAT was sold and if sold then to whom but as long as Victor Khomenco is in charge of R&D this company will remain one of the best in the world !!!! 
External HD changing the quality of the sound?
External HDD brings ground noise into the server (unless its connected optically) and then its up to the server designers to deal with this phenomenon. 
Music Server/DAC in Same Box
Musica Pristina, Virtuoso Analog Edition has internal Weiss DAC 
SOtM tX-USB experiences?
We tried this unit in our servers as well as iUSB and either there was no improvment or very noticeable degradation of the sound. I believe...I feel that servers with poor power supplies and/or poor handling of ground noise may benefit substantial... 
USB Cables: Audioquest's Diamond vs Wireworld Pla
Sorry, I can see that part of my question was cut out in the title.I am seeking comments on two US Cables:1) Audioquest's Diamond USB Wireworld Cable Technology's 2) Platinum Starlight Thank youSimon 
Hypex Ncore NC400
NSirkin,Do you know why Merril Audio uses NCore1200 with Hypex "700" switching power supplies when Hypex has a touch more expensive "1200" power supplies Thank you 
Computer Audiophile Pocket Server -C.A.P.S. v2.0
This server uses JRiver - I am not sure if its sold with this software built in already..At any rate, the question: how to move or copy files of current playlist from external HHD where music library resides to internal SSD from which, if I unders... 
Interest in Joule Electra VZN220 amps?
If you look at Joule-Electra web site, you will see that now they have a special service department to deal with repairs. In addition, number of places do excellent repair J-E products - for example, Bob Backert of RHB Sound in Philadelphia, Steve... 
LAP-150 MkII - How good is the phono stage
SE version has slightly less lush midrange but much more natural and very detailed. You will be "grabbed" by music as all Jud'c components are.... Similarly sounding LA-300ME was described by Harry Pearson as "most romantic" preamplifier.I said si... 
Best amp for Von Schweikert VR4SR mk2?
I believe that these speakers were developed with Spectron amplifier. I know that John Ulrick of Spectron has these speakers and use his his Musiican III Mk2 (stereo) with them and thus I suspect that there is a great deal of synergy between them.... 
Do Plinius amps have high frequency anomalies?
I have had Shahinian Diapason and drove them with Plinius SA-102. Wonderful top end, one of the best in SS amplifiers I ever heard. I sold my Plinius partly because it could not provide the adequate bass and replaced it with Musician III which app... 
Auraliti PK100
A few days ago, I also asked them a few questions - no response yet. May be its too early but still irritating. 
CD/SACD Player Recommendation
If you ever can find used APL HiFi SACD/CD Player then grab it; I know of no better players and I believe I auditioned most of them. Moreover, in contrast to most manufacturers, APL HiFi is willing to work with you to modify your player to the cur... 
Memory playback worse than disk... Why?
" FLAC is not a bad format. It's just 1's and 0's."When did I hear identical argument????Oh in 1982 when CD Players were introduced...People must go more frequntly to acoustic concerts and/or wash with soap their ears so they will know what they H...