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Free hi-res sampler from SnipRecords until 30 Sept
I managed to download the files on the last day :) thanks! 
Anyone going to RMAF this year?
Anyone know if Obravo audio is attending the show? I would like to try/or know impressions about the HAMT-1 
If she isn't into the gear, is she into the music?
I had a GF into music, she loved live performances and such. Sadly the relationship ended after 2 years. 
Clementine Media player
4est, are you talking about the latest version? (1.2)? i found it very decent under Mac OS 
DAC to pair with MA6600
Chord from the UK has some really nice Dac's to audition if you have a possibility. 
Solid State Buffer
PCX have a Burson buffer in stock i believe. You can send them an email. 
New Vandersteen oil cooled hybrid amplifiers
What about maintenance costs and the risk of a leak? 
There's feedback from past years, you can head to AK forums where some members shared their experience. 
Emotiva XSP-1 Gen 2 preamplifier: review
I don't see much difference over the 1st gen besides looks. Has anyone compared both? 
Greatest song titles..
Hoosier Hotshots, I Like Bananas (Because They Have No Bone) 
Are all craiglist used ads scam?
If you stay local and deal personally with the buyer, check the audio equipment if it's in a working will avoid scams. Oh, and make sure they have the original invoice. 
Best DAC/preamp for under $2K?
For under 2k the conductor USB dac/pre is a great alternative. You can swap dac modules to your liking. 
Software recommendations
Amarra still crashes on some guys computers, Audirvana has been more reliable on this aspect. 
Oppo HA-1 and Peachtree Decco65
I know the oppo but no experience with the Decco. Which headphones you have? 
Amarra 3.0 vs. Audirvana
Amarra 3.0 has improved sound wise, it has more resolution and depth BUT the stability issues persist which is a Con.