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Do people buy MAC gear for the blue meters
Taters, I am interested in your friends gear should he decide to sell. What units does he have? 
Have you ever got emotionally attached
Yamaha MX1000U and CX1000U. Still solid to me. 
Best Rock Album in 2010
Energizer,What era are you stuck in to write, "there are no great rock bands anymore"? Do you shopping at Best Buy? Maybe one of those mall stores? 
Are audiophile speakers turn on for single women?
Draculel, Of course by equipment I'm referrring to audio equipment be it speakers or anything else. Women just seem disinterested. 
Are audiophile speakers turn on for single women?
I know one woman who is impressed by equipment and even owns her own business. My wife is not impressed with equipment or my friend.I've never met another woman who was impressed with equipment even among the musicians I associate with.I'd say "NO... 
Best Aesthetic Vintage Black Receiver or Tuner
Yes, the T-2 is a beauty! A classic. 
Best Aesthetic Vintage Black Receiver or Tuner
Yamaha MX series from late 80s early 90s. 
vintage amps
I was not very happy with my Adcom equipment. I did not appreciate the sound and my amp was not dependable. Can't remember the model numbers. Amp was in the 80watt range.I have been high on the 80s and 90s Yamaha gear. My MX 1000U / CX1000U pair p... 
Music that really stirs your emotions
Shirley Horn - Here's to LifeGlass Harp - Look to the SkyRory Gallagher - A Million Miles AwayAl Stewart - Road to MoscowPaul Simon - Papa HoboJoni Mitchell - Little GreenJennifer Warnes - First I'll Take ManhattenBob Dylan - Lay Lady LayBob Dylan... 
Henryk Gorecki has died
Symphony No.3 is wonderful. A long time favorite. 
Top Ten Turntables of All Time??
SOTA Cosmos for its high quality/value ratio. 
Most sophisticated and intelligent musician
This is silly but ...1. Leonard Cohen2. Bob Dylan3. Jon Anderson4. Joni Mitchel5. Laurie AndersonMy vote is a DEFINATE NO on Kurt Cobain on the intelligencemeasure. 
Great Lost Lps...
Kevin Ayers - The Joy of a ToyKevin Ayers - Shooting at the MoonJethro Tull - BenefitBlodwyn Pig - A Head Rings OutBeach Boys - HollandTower of Power - East Bay GreaseStrawbs - Strawbs by Choice 
Great Lost Lps...
Atomic Rooster - In Hearing of ...Batdorf & Rodney - Life Is YouDavid Baerwald & David Rickets - BoontownAdrian Belew - Lone RhinoBuffalo Tom - Let Me Come OverFrank Black - Teenager of the YearCrack the Sky - numerousGodley & Creme - ... 
McIntosh MC402 - Best tube preamp?
Thx to all for your responses. I've been reading the details on all of your recommendations.My budget max. is $3000 and I would like to purchase a preused unit. Most of your suggestions require more cash than what I want to invest at this time.I'm...