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How good is the PWD DAC II Preamp Section
As far as my system goes, I also prefer running my DAC II into my preamp rather than straight into my amps.The question was " How good is the PWD II preamp section?"I do not believe that there is a preamp section, or any part of the analog output ... 
How good is the PWD DAC II Preamp Section
Do you have a more specific question?Are you asking about the volume control?Are you wondering about going direct to amp or?When the DAC II is being used the analog output is from the preamp section of the DAC. Since there is no alternative, such ... 
Mini Maggie Office System
Magnepan has a 30 day home trial program for the Mini MaggieSystem. And, they do offer a Wadia 151 as part of the trial.That might be worth looking into.  
Scanning lp labels?
I use the Android version of CLZ Barry. And would assume thethe iphone app works at least as well. 
Which Integrated amps should I audition?
I also agree with the idea of picking speakers first.But, to answer your question. I suggest putting both Marantz Reference Series and Luxman on your list. 
World's best Pre-amp for $10K and above?
It is very difficult to learn anything, when the main focus is based on already knowing everything. 
Why has Avantgarde Quality Slipped ?
Elizabeth- I have had many more posts (mostly replies) that for some reason do not show up. Why? I don't know.As for the more than 1000 miles from the dealer comment.I got that from the OP. Click on his/her answers link and you will see the other ... 
Why has Avantgarde Quality Slipped ?
You forgot to include, the part about you living over 1000 miles away from the dealer. This means the dealer has traveled over 8000 miles in the name of customer service.Is this "saint" of a dealer an authorized reseller?Did you have an agreement ... 
Best interconnect between pre-amp and CD player??
The Cable Company should be able to help you.They will give you some recommendations, and they have lending library so that you can try the cables at home. 
This is the best i have built
Please post some pictures of your systems. 
A mystery for you tech gurus out there
Autozone loans tools for free, as a service to their customers. The profit would be, from you buying repair parts at Autozone. It is Best Buys intention to sell you something that you can use. They give you the 30 day return privilege, in case the... 
A mystery for you tech gurus out there
Marakanetz, using retailers as "free" test equipment rental suppliers is certainly not a proper way to track down problems. They are in business to sell and make a profit, so that they can remain in business. There is no profit in free!Next week t... 
Speaker Identification, Help Please
How about Lawrence Audio? 
AC regenerator
I use a PS Audio P300 power plant with nothing but positive results. I was using the P300 with an old Rotel player (being used as a transport) and now with a PerfectWave transport. No dynamics lost with either piece of kit. 
CD Player with Polarity Invert?
Add a Rotel RCD-990 to your list of players that have an invert phase feature.