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ProAc comparison
ProAc D40R's here.   Thinking about a pair of K6.   Maybe K8.   Thinking the K6 will be a nice upgrade and still work well.  K8 may be too much bass and too much money. 
In Memoriam: Bobby Palkovich of Merlin Music
Always a great resource for me, Bobby's VSM's were the center of our lives and living room for 15 years. He was helpful with upgrades, and suggestions, and his products were a great value and received nothing but compliments at our house. Suicide ... 
Naim XS speaker recommendations
I understand the nSat sounds great with the XS. I have it on a Nait 5i system and the XS is said to improve control and bass. 
Review: Merlin Music Systems TSM-mme Monitor
I had my VSM's and BAM upgraded and the round trip to the factory was trouble free. Bobby's speakers do a great job and so does he. Buy with confidence.What else are you using to feed the TSM's? I use the Joule Electra tubes. I wonder how the TSM'... 
Anybody tried Naim integrated with ATC speakers?
Take a chance on it. The Naim will be easy to sell if you don't like it. It will sound great, likely as not. Might do a search at the Naim forums. 
Do audiophiles have a high divorce rate?
My wife loves tube electronics and we listen to music together. She cares nothing about the equipment as such, but loves the music. 
do NAIM cdp sound good only with Naim components?
Try a Nait 5i. They sell second hand for about $1000, and there is one "sale pending" up there now. I bet it will work well in your small room. I have one driving N-Sat, which is 87 db and 6 ohm. It plays plenty loud and sounds great. I would not ... 
Cables for Merlin VSM-MXe speakers
TG. Glad to hear it works with Merlins. I have Bob's power cords and bybee sucker and have been a big fan. I have the Golden Cross speaker cable and interconnect. Bobby had warned me off of TG in favor of Cardas. Bet TG is more affordable and if i... 
Cables for Merlin VSM-MXe speakers
Cardas Golden Cross bi wire but anything Cardas will work. Not TG, nothing silver. I think the speakers are voiced to work with Cardas and you can tell that the "House Sound" of Cardas agrees with Merlins. 
Naim x Ayre
Naim sounds great with Proac. I love Merlins and have a pair of the VSM, but don't know how they sound with Naim. 
New DAC to replace bel canto dac 2
Check to see which DACs work with the Apple Airport Express. Some drop out and some do not. I think it is because of the lack of a clock in the airport express. I read this in the stereophile review. Try one that does not. Also check with Olive. T... 
Tube preamp suggestions.
I am on my second Joule Electra. Had a LA 100. Now a 150. You can find them around and some are on Audiogon now. They are quiet and work well. Don't know how they will work with your setup but they sound good at my house.Call Jud Barber at the com... 
B&W what amp is best solid state or tube... guess
I have had Matrix 804's and they sounded great with Levinson or Joule Electra. I think they work better with solid state because of some dips in impedence which makes them hard to drive for tubes. As impedence dips, SS puts out more power. Most tu... 
do NAIM cdp sound good only with Naim components?
My CDSii sounds great in a tube system. I have heard the 5 series sounds best with Naim gear but the reference series like CDX, CDS, etc, is more flexible. I have no experience with the 5 series. 
int amp for naim cd5x
Try naim usa. Their website has some b-stock units. I just snagged a Nait 5i from there with NACA cables and saved a couple hundred bucks, and it has a warranty. A great friend of mine says the magic happens when the 5 series is used together, and...