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Amplifier considerations, PrmaLuna EVO 400 versus ARC Reference 160 S. Is ARC worth it?
I'm guessing that would be a sideways move; but you might prefer it!      
A Black Box to Solve Everything
If you're looking to find what distortion signature you like here is an exercise I went through myself. In a DAW, I used Reaper, instantiate a tone generator plugin, saturator and an EQ with an analyzer. All on the same channel.  I used Fab Filter... 
$50k - $80k Budget…Opinions please.
I wasn't satisfied until I went high efficiency plus SETs.  
Dac that has tone and timing?
A good NOS DAC like the Holo Audio plus a software upsampler like HQPlayer. Select the reconstruction filter that suites your taste unlimited by the processor inside the DAC.  
Hidden Gems in Classic Rock Albums
@larsman The box set was not on my radar, thanks for the heads up!  
Hidden Gems in Classic Rock Albums
1983...(a Merman I Should Turn to Be) Voodoo Chile. Jimi Hendrix-Electric Ladyland.    
Name 3 songs where audio quality and song quality completely align
The Day I Walk-K.D. Lang Theme from Southern Comfort-Ry Cooder Brush with the Blues-Jeff Beck  
Primaluna or not Primaluna
I wouldn't advise tube rectification in a power amp unless you listen at very low volume or have very sensitive/efficient speakers.  Unless you don't value dynamics. PLs amps are SS rectified but their preamps are tube rectified and IME they sound... 
Streamed music sounds awful in my system and I don't know why ....
"Excellent sounding streaming can be achieved with your PC in the right circumstances. If using USB, make sure your DAC has a good USB implementation and has Galvanic isolation. I’m streaming through Roon and Tidal/Qobuz and upsampling PCM as High... 
You want a DAC that sounds *different.* What factor helps you find it?
I would encourage anyone to try a true NOS DAC like the Holo May with a software upsampler like HQPlayer.  The learning curve is a little steep but it is game changing digital.   
Indentical measurments = Identical performance?
Any competently designed DAC should nail SINAD and frequency response measurements.  That's why, on cursory listening, DACs sound the same. Only on a sufficiently resolving system/room with extended sessions will the subtle differences between DAC... 
How Much Do Your Subwoofer(s) Cost Relative to Speakers
Pretty close to 1:1.    
Your sub experience: Easy or hard?
I integrated four SVS SB16 Ultras with LaScalas, phase aligned and EQ'd using REW in three or four hours.  There was a bit of a learning curve with REW so I think I could do it much quicker a second time.   
How best to eliminate LP warps
Orb user here. Got it from ebay.  I've flattened thirty or forty records so far and they've all come out much better and although some still aren't perfect they play just fine. Saved me from the PITA of exchanging. Mine is rated 100-125 volts. As ... 
A** Kicking, Rock and Roll!
+1 for Black Label Society. Cherry pick the heavy cuts. Airbourne's Black Dog Barking is a banger.