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Which is more accurate: digital or vinyl?
strictly speaking...i figure analog is seeing as how digital is a sampled representation. 
Where's Slappy Been Lately ???
Darn skippy.Wow... been a long time! 
What new music did you get for Christmas?
Got a Billi Holiday box set. :) 
"...Pet Free..."
Hey marco, Long time no see!Yeah, i got 4 dogs running around my house, they couldnt care less about my audio gear. Which is good or i'd cut thier paws off and make some isolation feet. 
DVD burner Vs. Comcast
Natalie Portman..... mmmmmmm...... Ozzy, Yeah that is what i ended up doing. I have the RF from the wall to a splitter with one lead to the cable box and one lead to the DVR, then i have the Svid from the cable box out to the DVR as IN3 input. All... 
DVD burner Vs. Comcast
yeah i told it i had a cable box, unfortunatly it doesent seem to want to download any programming off of it. Before i left for work today i put a splitter from the cable feed, one to the box and one to the dvr. Im hoping that it will be able to d... 
JM Lab 707S died on me.
Thanks Chris, I have contacted them and Simon is going to send me a replacement driver. :) 
Heard the $325000 Acapella's Sphaeron excaliburs?
Krelldog, You have a point there, but there is also the question of justificaion of such a high cost. I challange anyone to show that these are more expencive to build than a ferarri, that thier R&D costs outpriced the R&D of a ferarri, ... 
Heard the $325000 Acapella's Sphaeron excaliburs?
Yeah, get a pair of those with some Wavac 833 monoblocks. Enough to buy a small country and you dont even have a source and cabling. I dont understand the cost of those speakers. And don't give me no give turkey about materials, construction costs... 
About Lugnut -- Patrick Malone
Rest well Pat, you are in a good place now. Enjoy the music 
What other hobby or hobbies do you have?
My other hobby is my 2004 Mustang GT. Man i love that car. 
Should a good system sound bad with bad recording?
If a bad recording sounds good on a good system, wouldnt that indicate the system is somehow coloring the music to make it less offence? I'd say crap in, crap out.Imagine Crap in, T-bone steak out.That would make the whole digestive process a litt... 
What can I use to clean the Krell faceplate?
A Shotgun. =) 
What components would you take to a desert island?
Albert, NICE answer. However Jmcgrogan2 brings up a very good point as well. I think the best answer would be natalie portman with a mute button. How perfect would that be? As for audio gear, something that requires no power and can stand up to a ... 
Do you care about the LOOK???
If yer gonna spend as much money as you'd normally spend on a piece of gear, it better be asthetically pleasing too right?