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I Cried Today
Finished cancer treatment in September. It's difficult to face. I can tell you first hand your care and compassion was appreciated facing the uncertainty.  
I won the stressless lottery
I was lucky to be able to buy a matching pair about 10 years ago. They are the only two seats in my HiFi room.  You reminded me how nice they are. I've been taking owning them for granted.   
Whats playing on your system today?
I'll try your suggestions. Always great to find something new to expand the play list.  
Whats playing on your system today?
@jonandfamily: Open to any suggestions to add. Another one of my recent repeats: KD Lang - Recollection    
Whats playing on your system today?
The Wailin Jennys - 40 Days. Great recording and unexpected from them. Just picked up Dar Williams - Many Great Companions which I'll listen to shortly.  
Should I steer clear of class D amps
I have a class D Classe amp that sounds anything but sterile or hard. It is very dimensional and detailed. It's a good match for my system and I'm happy with the made for each other pre and power amp. My advice is to ignore the data the reviews or... 
So you just took a gummie...What song is on the menu?
Frank Zappa and the Mothers: Overnight Sensation  
"High end" store snobbery
I liked the people at Definitive. Also, for those who condescend the original made his point in print.  
It was 61 years ago today...
Great read. Nice to hear peoples' experiences from the most prolific and culture impacting period of music certainly in my many years.  
HT and 2 channel in same room? 1 or 2 systems?
I have both in a dedicated room. Both are great. Using a Classe pre-amp and amp for the two channel. Two channel sources including the DAC, CD player etc are direct to the Classe Preamp. When listening to two channel those (pre and power amps) are... 
Has anyone tried the new Synergistic Research UEF Performance Enhancer - Ethernet Filter?
@fredrik222: There are people who look for arguments on Internet forums as personal entertainment. You are in a discussion with one of them.  
How Did Your First Audiophile Experience Impact Your Audio Journey?
My first audiophile experience was a dealer with Macintosh equipment driving Dahlquist speakers. They put on Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon and I was hooked for life. I think some of the numbers of audiophiles coming from that time period has to... 
Types of Audiophiles
Miss one: The digital media troller.    
Powered speakers show audiophiles are confused
Vibration systems? Sounds like a cheap 50's era motel.  
Most underrated female recording artists..
Listen to Judith Hill. "20 feet from Stardom' documentary features her spectacular talent.