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Anyone heard Tyler AcousticsReference II
nope, sorry. 
Bass Cable-Copper or Silver?
have you already bought the aq clear? if not, forget 'em. go w/ the best cardas or tara labs you can afford. if you already have the aq, you might think of cutting into, say, 3 ft. chunks and selling it as esoteric tie-downs for highend tents. 
Are Carver amps worth a damn?
carvers seem apt in your system. hard to tell what's the weakest link; none of 'em are of any strength. i'd burn it all & start from scratch. haflers will get you almost to mid-fi but i wouldn't count on it. 
5 ultimate songs on CDs 2die4.
martinpare1: wow, where do you and your grouping together friends live? you sure sound like some wild and crazy guys! i'd give you my picks but i play only lp's. so far >2500 polka albums! 
Best of value-based systems
fact is: if folks didn't buy new stuff all the time, you wouldn't have a source for used gear. you aren't at the center of this hobby. you're at the back end. nearly everyone needs a car but everyone can't afford a carrera 4. so, keep driving your... 
you're kidding, right? 
digital cables
yeah, you'd better move fast. your cables are designed to self destruct after 7 years of continuous use. 
Linear Tracking Turntables - Best??
how much are you willing to spend? if price is truly not an obstacle, you should go for the rockport serius. i haven't heard much played on the latest iteration but spent some time with the penultimate model. i have used an airtangent arm on a tnt... 
something left out of my last post: i've bought records throughout the u.s and europe. my current fave "market" for variety and cost is ebay. watch your rear, tho; you gotta know what you're doing. (i buy mostly classic rock, folk and blues, with ... 
i try to find japanese, dutch, french, german and english pressings of each of my favorite lp's. it's difficult to generalize among labels or origin of pressings. sometimes mofi's are best (tho, very limited in selection), sometimes jvc's, etc. if... 
Important Qualities Other than Sound
i think heat ouput into my unvented soundroom is really important. i use cool amps for summer and warm ones for winter. another pair is reserved for simultaneous listening and marshmellow roasting. 
Best female vocals on CD
charlotte church WAS 13 when she recorded "voice of an angel." (what a stupidly-named disc.) she's 15 now. her latest release is self-titled. both discs are really BOOOOOORING. 
Record Cleaners-Which Work-Which Don't
vpi 17wf with touromat is the best thing i've found- and you don't need to rinse in distilled water. if you obtain such a setup, you should clean EVERY new record before play, EVERY used record purchased before play, and all others about every 3rd... 
CD other tweaks
monroemed, you might try home depot or loews. course, if you wanna ruin your perfectly adaquate cd's on the absolute cheap, just take 'em outside, put 'em on the sidewalk, label side up, place your nike-clad feet on each, then do the hokey-pokey. ... 
Installing a screen
install the screen on the floor and pull it up. if it won't stay ridgid on its own, get your wife to hold it while you watch. i'm not sure, tho, if you should watch the video material or your wife. guess you have to decide which is more aesthetic.