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Klipsh near New Hampshire
you really have to travel at least 6 degrees of latitude above the arctic circle to hear the klipsh in all their glory. despite the "corner loading" design, they are truly at their best in a round room such as an igloo or yurt. one problem. of cou... 
Which Bi-amp speakers are best?
from the top, working down. then move from right to left. reverse the process if you live in the southern hemisphere. 
where can i find jumpers pure copper?
couple of pennies (not the wwii zinc ones). if you need to increase reach, use the railroad track flattener method. 
What Chopin solo piano cds are the best?
i really like the libarace reissue on reprise. 
every virgin's saviour. it's the only audio shop in the vatican. 
Any advise to improve my system
i'd start by learning to ask for advice. 
i need cable for SF EXTREMA
oh, good, another ben (non-member, unverified) and another stupid question about what cable mates best with some outmoded italian speaker. try using the search function here. if that doesn't work, go out and listen to some stuff. you are most welc... 
"All-in-one box system" that is High End
sounds to me like you need to find a wife or a replacement for your current squeeze. audio can wait. 
Amati Homage
your question makes no sense unless you have some budget in mind. and if you care about an answer, why not become a member instead of hiding behind a fake email address? 
Which came first, the chicken or the egg
Blob7,8 &9: What an unbelievable phony you are (perhaps that's redundant but don't suppose you're bright enough to know). Suggest you sign off and try to find carl_eber. You two deserve one another. -Angus 
Anyone upgraded the Jeff Rowland Model 8
my experience is that ti upgrade to the 8 is not as good a value as the choke upgrade. i'd get a new power cord instead. 
Shipping to Japan? Any advice?
i've had good luck with usps priority mail (now done in concert with dhl) for shipments to japan. 
Elvis cd /Vinyl New Years Eve
PC to DAC questions
i hope you people recognize that you are supporting the end of audio, as we know it. go to work for bill gates. he might appreciate your views. 
Electraglide Ref. I vs. Ref. II?
the ref I is bi-sexual. the ref II is asexual. sure hope this helps!