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BACCH4Mac: More Than It's Cracked Up To Be?
I purchased BACCH4MAC and basically put the Roon Core on my Mac mini and as a result the USB does directly to the DAC.  The Innous Zen MKII is now out of the picture.  No need for a stream.  
BACCH4Mac: More Than It's Cracked Up To Be?
Could explain how the Baach4Mac integrates into your system.  I have a music streamer but there is no simple way to feed it since it received its stream from the network.  
Downsize Audio is making cables again!
Does anyone know how to get in touch with Josh?  I need to have some repair work done a couple of my cables from him.        
Have you heard darTZeel Amplifiers
Could I ask if anyone has experience with the older Model One NHB-108?  I am considering one but have never bought such an old amplifier.  I am told the price is reasonable but still very nervous.  The model One was built in 2008 with the SCNP upg... 
Aeris speakers amp
I came across your posts and wondered what your final outcome was.   I have the Black Pearl Aeris and have been considering upgrading my amplifiers.  I have an opportunity to get a Dartzeel NFB-108 Model One my dealer (Unlimited Audio) has acces... 
Playback Edelweiss in the house
Any updates after a month. I listened to the Dream today at my dealer since their 1st order is from the 2nd production run.  
Where are the Exogal Vortex streamers?
Any new updates with 3rd quarter end almost here? 
Legacy Audio AERIS: RMAF/listening impressions?
I am surprised they will have to outsource the Black Pearl finish as I didn't realize they were doing that for the other speakers. So did you put in your order :) 
Legacy Audio AERIS: RMAF/listening impressions?
If memory serves me, the amplification was a stereo amp by Coda. I believe the preamp was also by Coda. The front end was an Oppo blueray player. ;What finish were the Aeris? The pair I listened to were in black oak, which is nowhere close to the ... 
Legacy Audio AERIS: RMAF/listening impressions?
They are definitely in a different league than my Focus SE. Bill put a Signature SE in on the left and tuned it and it was amazing how the Aeris wss just so much in a different league. 
Legacy Audio AERIS: RMAF/listening impressions?
I was just at Legacy Friday afternoon. Bill had pulled a pair from production and walked me through a room tune. There have been a few changes since RMAF. Probably the most significant was the change to the Xilicia XP 4080 processor which is the b... 
ASL MG Head DT OTL mkIII Headphone Amplifier
Hi,There are so many headphone amplifiers these days, it really comes down to personal choice. The best place to look is at in the amplifier forum. 
record storage?
Try these. 
Headroom Blockhead
Check out and search on the Blockhead. I know HeadRoom has loaned the Blockhead out for several of the headphone listening meetings that go on during the year in various cities throughout the country. 
Clayton P2000 Pre-Amp
Another suggestion would be to locate the closet dealer from Clayton's website and give them a call. They may be able to give you the scoop.