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IFi Zen Stream with Qobuz
@jackd Thanks!  That worked. Ok, next problem (sorry, I'm a digital newbie):  mConnect will only play one song. I have to hit play for every song, and I can find any setting that will allow it to just play through an album.  Is there a setting th... 
IFi Zen Stream with Qobuz
@jackd Thanks for the info.  I have restarted them a couple of times, but the Zen Stream doesn't show up as an option to choose.  I have the ZS set on the DNLA setting - is that the correct one?  Under the "Play to" button on the mConnect, my only... 
IFi Zen Stream with Qobuz
Glad I stumbled upon this thread.  I'm having the same issues - trying to stream Qobuz via the Zen Stream.  I tried Roon, and it worked but only via the spdif output of the Zen, which in my system doesn't sound nearly as good as the USB, so Roon w... 
Best In-ear monitors under $350?
Cardas A8 are excellent - very smooth and easy to listen to.      
Midfi Integrated amp w/ phone stage recommendation
The built-in Yamaha phono stage in the 701/801 is quite poor in my experience. Would suggest sticking with Rega, Music Hall, or Marantz.  
which amp for bedroom system with harbeth 7es-3 XD
A nice power amp that has gotten great reviews and seems to fly under the radar:    
Integrated amp selection
The Martin Logan 35xt (the previous version) was also listed as 92db sensitivity.  However, actual tests revealed that it was just under 87db.  A 4ohm speaker with a sensitivity of 87db needs about 3x the power to produce the same volume as a spea... 
Cost-effective integrated
Rega Brio is right at your price, and you could save some money by finding a used/demo model.  Wonderful, engaging sound.  
Got an itch to buy some new stand mount speakeras
As far as British speakers, the Quad S1 and S2 have a fantastic top end (ribbon tweeter).  There is an add for a new Quad S2 for $750 right now.  That's a fantastic price (they are usually $1200 new, I think).  It's a wonderful, clear, engaging sp... 
Got an itch to buy some new stand mount speakeras
I would recommend Revel.  The Concerta2 M16 is $900 new, and Crutchfield often has demo/open box specials around your price point.  They have a very nice top to bottom balance with an excellent, clear treble without harshness.  If you don't play l... 
Your tube amp related Harbeth experience.
I had the Harbeth C7s, and I tried several different integrated amps with them.  The only tube integrated that came close to driving them to my liking was the Primaluna Dialogue HP with KT150s.  However, I far preferred a Bryston B100 solid state ... 
Integrated vs. Separates on a Budget
@klimt  For a cheap but good phono amp, I'd look at the Schiit Mani and the iFi Zen.  I've owned both, and they were very enjoyable.   
Integrated vs. Separates on a Budget
I’d say it somewhat depends on whether you see yourself continuing to upgrade in the future, or if you’ve lived with the Denon for years and just want something better. If this is a one-time upgrade, then something like the Parasound integrated wo... 
A budget power cord has speed and transparent but not overly bright.
@lak Thanks so much for the comparison!  I really like fact that both Audio Envy and Zavfino use OCC copper for many of their cables.  The OCC cables that I've heard have always sounded good to me.  Thanks again! 
A budget power cord has speed and transparent but not overly bright.
@lak Just wondering if you could compare the AE and the Zavfino - I'm considering both for my system and would love to hear your opinion of them.  Thanks!