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Upgrade from Bluesound Node
WiiM Pro Plus. Don’t laugh until you try it. And plenty cheap to try at that! Easy resell (or regift for Xmas) if you don’t. Nice app and supports Amazon Connect (Alexaconnect?), Tidal Connect, Airplay2, etc. Fugly but easily hidden - keeps attent... 
Streamer with variable digital output
WiiM Pro and Pro Plus will both attenuate their SPDIF digital volume and are bit perfect digital transports. The only difference between the two is the DAC section which for the OP’s purposes is irrelevant. I have both Bluesound Node and WiiM Pro ... 
How to build a super simple streaming system
Start with the Bluesound and the G3. Connect with a simple RCA interconnect. Control the volume with the Bluesound BluOS app on an iPad or IPhone (assuming you have one or both). I suggest Radio Paradise MQA internet radio station for free to try ... 
Thiel Owners
Seven years and approaching 12500 posts! Does anyone have any pointers on how to easily get into the middle somewhere? Is there a way to jump to a specific date or period? Wading through 5 pages at a time is agonizing if you’ve come late to the pa... 
Try a sub a third in the back
I’m curious how close these third sub placements are? If closer than mains, could it be improved group delay effects?  
Starke Sound    
Anyone tried the Starke Sound AD4.320 Amp
Might want to read this    
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@tomthiel 3.5’s on EBay listed in NY. Rough shape and look to need new drivers. Bet they can be negotiated down in $  
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As I understand it, the seismic effects of the Townshend products are a byproduct but not really the thrust of the products. It is just a demonstrable, measurable performance of the degree of isolation. The lack of transmittance of vibrations - in... 
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tomthiel et al,I assume everyone is familiar with Townshend’s isolation products? Tonywinga seems to have come up with a poor man’s Townshend Isolation platform: 
BEWARE OF FRAUD with this member
Wouldn't Paypal "Friends and Family" remove the risk of this claw-back scam? The "Friends and Family" option removes the fees - as well as access to the Paypal dispute process that these scammers rely upon. Win-Win. 
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I wanted to point out a pair of SS-1 Smartsubs going for an exceptional price on Ebay. They are pickup only, buyer didn’t want to deal with packaging/shipping unless they didn’t go in auction. Since they now have one bid, they will go. San Jose (C... 
To Stream or not to Stream
Well, in that one particular example, I would have to agree. Have not compared the two personally so will have to take the data at face value. All the more reason to trial streaming with relatively inexpensively equipment first (and with home tria... 
To Stream or not to Stream
Easy. Bluesound Node (2021) from Crutchfield on 60 day home trial plus Tidal. Use digital out with first MQA unfold done to your DAC (unless it is MQA compliant - I don’t keep up with Macintosh). It will show you the quality and more importantly V... 
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beetlemania,Surprised about your (less than adequately disclosed) damages, because I failed to mention their high quality photography and was almost going to comment on their almost obsessive disclosures.The last two items I purchased had photogra...