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Cheap speaker tweak
I might add, however, that a "tile" considerably LARGER than the base of the speaker would give the carpeting more "leverage" to avoid compression, effectively increasing the footprint of the speaker. 
Cheap speaker tweak
One of the ideas of spikes in the first place was so the speaker would be "anchored" to the flooring rather than floating on the carpet and perhaps wobbling ever so slightly on dynamic passages, thus reducing the impact. Floating the spiked speake... 
what is diff: Class "A", "A/B", and "B"
Perhaps this will help resolve the explanations. In class A, the output devices conduct more or less as the input varies, but never cut off. In other classes, output stages can be cut off (not conducting) during art of the input signal variation w... 
Running 4 ohm speaks on bridged amp...ok?
One more time. The speaker impedance indeed remains the same (just like the song). The outputs of the bridged amp are in series, driven from a single input. This effectively doubles the output voltage swing driving the load (speaker) for a given i... 
Best Place To Buy VMPS New or Used? or call and ask. :) 
the unaccompanied voice
If you don't have Opus3 #77-06, "Black is the Color", you should. Meant to post this earlier. :) 
Quality of recording vs Musical tastes
My angle, perhaps blending previous views. Often, recordings that I have acquired to try (curiosity, recommendation, etc) do not initially meet with my approval; that is, I don't care for them! However, if the recording is outstanding in some way,... 
Speaker Help for 2000 to 3000
How about VMPS RM2's? 
Noise, hum and AC polarity
Strongly agree. Have done this for years. Have my two-prong plugs painted with a dab of red nail polish on what is the hot side when properly inserted. Only thing that always amazes me is how quickly many will insert a 39-cent adapter between thei... 
A moment of silence for Henry Kloss....
See "Best of" thread starting 2/5/02 entitled "In memory of...." 
Belles Research Corporation? ?
Perhaps I should have offered specy stuff - 80W into 8 ohms, 160W into 4 ohms - a great current provider. P.S. Dave is a nice guy. :) 
Belles Research Corporation? ?
The Belles I would be 1980's. Previous post are generally accurate. Also was a matching Belles I preamp superceded by the XLM. Came in silver or black. Amps had either rack-width panel with rocker switch or narrow panel with toggle switch. I have ... 
Japanese remastered CDs - Steely Dan in particular
Actually, MCA did a few audiophile vinyl remasters just before CDs took over. Gaucho was one of those, along with Spyro Gyra Catching the Sun, the ET soundtrack and a couple others that I forget at the moment. Sort of off topic, but "very interest... 
US 2x110 volt 60Hz the same as 220Volt 50Hz
US power is supplied as two 120+/- (sometimes called 110, 115, 120) volt lines with respect to neutral plus a ground. These two "hot " lines can be used as 220 +/- single phase as is done in ranges, dryers, and single phase 220 motors like your A/... 
Crosby, Stills & Nash Album Deju Vu
MFSL 1-088 :)