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Fee for home audition
Asking a dealer for advice is time and expertise. Asking a dealer for their effort to pack, bring, adjust, give feedback, and remove -- esp. if this is in your own home -- is time and expertise. Time and expertise are worth something. Dealers h... 
Zu Druid & Definition Roundup
I've been talking with Sean for a year or so now, trying to arrange to bring a Zu in. I think we're now on target for something fun to head this way in late summer .... 
The best speaker you ever heard?
Command Performance A/V reps the Joseph Audio line. 
What is a high end stereo SUPPOSED to sound like?
Someone forwarded this link to me, after I posted my comments. Sorry if it's a duplicate ... 
Lightspeed Attenuator - Best Preamp Ever?
Ah, geez. Say it ain't so! Paul introduced me to Merlin, Bobby and tubes. Seems like a lifetime ago. Godspeed, my friend! 
"Best" bookshelf/monitor for low-power amp?
I really like those speakers. And the Pulsars. Guess I'm indecisive. Or something. ;-) 
Top big-name monitors current versions .
Joseph Audio Pulsar is my current favorite monitor. The 3xl from Devore is also quite good. For Totem, the Element Series is their new top-of-the-line, and I think the Torrent driver is "better" than the HiVi (still used in their older line, inclu... 
"Best" bookshelf/monitor for low-power amp?
Thanks!The Pulsar is a special speaker. Wish it was cheaper, but pricing discussions are always tough to fight through. In the end, the price is whatever it is, you know?Still struggling through this .... 
Playback Designs vs. Berkeley
An old thread, but worth revisiting as some changes have hit since. The USB-X is out. The Berkeley has been rev'd and now has an outboard USB converter as an available "upgrade". 
Anyone heard Davone Ray's or Rithm's?
Very good. It's a coax, but it's a big driver and a good-sized cabinet. I think they're wonderful. If I had cash and a place to put 'em, they'd be mine. 
"Best" bookshelf/monitor for low-power amp?
Just an update. It's down to either a Joseph Audio Pulsar (if I can scrape together the cash) or a DeVore Fidelity 3XL (if I can scrape together the cash). I seem to be having cash flow problems.Well, not problems per se, but rather, I can't seem ... 
Anyone heard Davone Ray's or Rithm's?
I thought the Ray sounded great at RMAF. 
Close to wall monitors for Naim UnitiQute
+1 on (the clue). Great sound at RMAF this past year. 
"Best" bookshelf/monitor for low-power amp?
Great suggestions -- keep 'em coming!I think the PSB speakers are very nice, and I'm especially fond of the Synchrony One. But they're harder to drive than their specs suggest. Kinda like Focal 1008Be or Usher Tiny Dancer or B&W 805d -- all ex... 
"Best" bookshelf/monitor for low-power amp?
Here it is, 4 years later, and I have exactly the same question! It's funny, I guess I forgot all about this thread. Anyway, since 2008, I bought Merlin speakers and then sold them. I'm in a bigger room now, and am currently running some Magnepan ...