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Signal tube versus power tube, sound impact?
I went back and forth experimenting with tubes in a little Japanese 300b integrated amp in this case the small 12v tubes definitely made a bigger sonic impact on the sound. There was a very big gain in the bass region  
Looking for 200 watt Amp to drive Dynaudio Heritage speakers
@atmasphere Thanks. that definitely makes more sense as to how they got those numbers. Good old marketing department hard at work again  
Looking for 200 watt Amp to drive Dynaudio Heritage speakers
Coda S20. 200W into 8 ohms. 100 amperes peak per channel. 45 lbs  
A little gift for my fellow audiophiles
Thanks for the link. Will definitely check it out. Happy holiday season to you   
What was the first power cable that you noticed a difference in the sound?
Triode Wire Labs was my first power cord to offer an improvement in sound quality  
Upgrading preamp. Best for under $1K
Another + for the LTA . I’d try and stick to the used market if you’re okay with that.  
New Pass Labs Go To
I didn’t know they were closing. Reno Will definitely be missed. Thanks for the great service you provided me many years ago and the cool car calendar you sent out afterwards.  
Am I broken? Am I stuck? Do I have to return my audiophile card now?
If it were me in your situation, I know I wouldn’t be happy if I didn’t buy the Daw’s. Especially if it’s a great deal. I would also be looking into room treatment to get the most of them  
Used PS Audio BHK 300 monoblock or (2) new benchmark ahb2 bridged?
@donavabdear what exactly do you mean when you say they are noisy? Fan noise type of noisy? thanks  
Steve Guttenberg finally reviews the Eminent Technology LFT-8b loudspeaker.
I’m definitely interested in these speakers but I’ll have to wait for a bigger model with more output. My seating distance is around 4.5m.These have a max spl of 105db at 1m. That would mean a max spl in the low 90’s at my listening position. Edi... 
Swiss Digital Fuse Box - "What headroom sounds like"
Whether @recklesskelly is those other banned usernames or not I still think he has some valid points here regarding certification. I think that the device is intriguing and maybe it does exactly what you say it does. I’m still weary of using a dev... 
user poll on seperates vs integrated
@recklesskelly every single one of those hybrid units you’ve mentioned has a compromise in functionality (except maybe the McIntosh) compared to my Audio Research/Pass Labs combo. Whether it be limited balanced inputs, no balanced ht bypass , no w... 
user poll on seperates vs integrated
@recklesskelly There are definitely options out there. Unison has a nice range of hybrid units at a decent price that sound really good. Now in my situation I also “need” 2 balanced inputs (I could get by with one using an external switch) so now ... 
user poll on seperates vs integrated
For us that are fans of tube pre with ss amps (not class D) there aren’t a whole lot of options out there in the integrated world. Once you decide that a particular pre tube is the sound you’re looking for your options become even less. Definitely... 
Múnich 2023 Pro-ject Dark side of the moon turntable
Definitely not for me. I think it’s the clamp/weight that turns me off