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Most Musical 6NS7 tube for a Preamp?
I have about 15 pairs american NOS 6sn7 .  Alot of them were microphonic and the tubes that weren't microphonic still gave me tinnitis, - listener fatigue, headacheI tried Electroharminix new tubes and all is good now.  Same extension I'm using a... 
Is a KT-77 a plug in for a KT-88?
Thank you for the reply.  Much appreciated 
If she isn't into the gear, is she into the music?
Go out for dinner and a show 
Everything Looks Like Shot on Video
Delete all the channels and let your box refind them 
Can I get a
You're a great friend for putting in the effort 
Machina Dynamica mini isolators
I'm saving my money for the cryogenic teleportation tweek 
Dating an album
Purchase Collectorz software to create a personalized library for stamps, coins, books, DVD, CD and LPs. Their website has a wealth of information to keep any OCD person very occupied 
The "Eagles" - Best Albums
DVD live concert: Hell Freezes over is great 
Rough Trade NYC
Is it a record store with a bar and performance stage for 300 or is it a club with a record store. Where's the Citibike bike rack? 
What tubes and where to buy them? Conrad Johnson
My favorite Agon tube seller is mathieuriverin. Brent Jesse is good but mathieuriverin's prices are better. Good tubes, and best prices. He ships from Canada so delivery takes a couple of weeks. 
Would you upgrade to 3D for Blurays like Pac Rim?
Anyone else here feel more compelled lately, due to more and more of these 3D flicks coming down the pike, to make a move to 3D in your system?Good posting... "Compelled" is an interesting choice which shows that marketing, advertising and seducti... 
What is your DESERT ISLAND amp & speaker combo?
Mary Anne and Ginger 
WARM 5 channel amp - suggestions?
Marsh, Butler, McIntosh 
How much does your system retail for?
The real question is: Was the time spent worth it? 
Best Amplifier Speaker DAC Cayin Spendor Monarchy
I agree. Too much resolution = fatigue