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Joseph Chow
I have, I deleted it, got that same type of email from another person I know as well. 
Which DAC is better?
Try a Tranquility DAC 
Best audio purchase of 2011
Tranquility DAC, Macbook Pro 
External Hard Drive Search Frustration. Help
Which companies deserve a star for Christmas
Eric Hider at DBaudiolabs, Joseph Chow at Audio Horizons 
Need Mac Mini Server set up advice
Try the Ultrafi website. 
New Krell preamp
Check the website. 
Impedance Mismatch: A.I. M3A, Krell KSA100
I have an Audio Horizons preamp matched witha KSA-100S. Match made in heaven. 
DAC upgrade
Check out the DACS at db audio labs 
Recordings with BASS
get some Reggae songs 
Biggest impact on you?
Audio Horizons preampUpdated Tranquility DAC 
I have a Tranquility DAC and I am more than happy with it and the service provided by Eric. Spending 2 hours on a saturday helping me optimize my system is way beyond what ordinary customer service is. I've had no complaints with it whatsoever. I'... 
DAC's, i'm lost
Tranquility Dac and cable. 
Is Itunes OK to rip CD's to AIFF?
I think AIFF is an Apple lossless format and they're not much into the business of letting other companies modify or use their stuff. 
DC issues using a Krell KSA 150 w/ tubed preamp?
I have a Krell 100-S that I run with an Audio Horizon tube preamp, sounds wonderful to me.