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Sounds good but to laid back
sure don't have the answer to your first question. but i only spend a couple of hours a day on audiogon... i don't think thats too much... or is it??? 
Audio tip for aging male audiophiles
ear hair...hmmm....nope aint tried it, would that be akin to buzzing your head and having a light bulb tatooed on the top???? 
Cryogenically treated cables
If you contact jena labs, which you can find on the internet, my understanding that jena is quite available and a wealth of information. however she is quite brilliant, and you might need an interpreter to simplify the info... 
Dedicated line which wire?
just for my input. i think most of us who have opinions are good people. sometimes we make mistakes.. oops.. but i don't think spanking the individual publicly goes too far 
Consistency with power cords?
Ditto.... I agree with Jurry. thanks for the info from everyone, and I have heard from other audiophiles that mixing cords are a good idea. however they seem to try an awful lot to come up with that perfection. deep pockets do go far... 
How much money do you want to waste?
time for my two cents worth. i am a brick mason. nothing more nothing less. i change the innerconnects, and i can tell the difference. this is a blue collar point of view, and hearing of course. good thread craig. i love it when we all come togeth... 
Receiver used as a pre-amp?
good question. my dealer told me that i could use my integrated amp, however it had no pre outs... see on the back if you have a pre in or out.. if so, you should be in business, if not, you will probably have to wait on a pre amp, or , and i dont... 
The best CD Player for the money
audio aero capitole 24/192...may as well audition it, as it definitely fits in this for the money. 
Any audio gifts for Christmas?
Actually, with a little help from a friend of mine (me), I recieved yesterday from Fed Ex and Jonathan Tinn, who is an audiogon member, my new audio aero capitole 24/192 cd player.. like a boy in a candy store, and salivating at that, i scurried t... 
What equipment do you really like?
I really have a lust for tenor audio 75wi's. Its like a dream woman crooning in your ear (similar to purring) 
Difference between these really good CD players
i own one of these. and i do agree with natalie, my entire system is derived from products from elsewhere than the us, other than cables and tweaks. listen to as many as you can, and you make that sonically pleasing plunge... 
Tenor Audio - Anyone hear them?
to further the info. what is rich? i can't afford to quit working, i don't have a mansion. i have a supercar and am working on the sound of my passion. i can buy the toys, but keeping them maintained is harder than acquiring. love reading here on ... 
Where R U?????
W.Jefferson, Ohio, near Columbus.. 
What's your profession? Age?
my business is masonry restoration, tavern owner and landlord to rental prop. dont know what i make, only my hairdresser knows for sure. and spend whatever sounds good to my ears... 
Tenor Audio - Anyone hear them?
tenors are beautiful in sound, as well as looking at. I heard them with the P-10's, which I ended up buying. The person I bought them from is now using the tenors to drive the rockport antares. i am not rich, (what is rich anyways), and will be sa...