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The Amazing Purifi Speaker Drivers ! Major-Breakthrough
There is nothing I love better than to spend an evening listing to my wonderful collection of music. The specs make such a huge difference.   
The Amazing Purifi Speaker Drivers ! Major-Breakthrough
What is the major break through?  curious  
Warm, Lush Laid-Back Smaller Floor Standers?
I should have said soft dome tweeters can be more lush..avoid compression horn tweeters of ribbon...if you don't want to get fatigued. A large midrange 6 7 inches should be able to cover the mid range and give it fullness.   
New speakers or new tubes
Keep the 34's and get. some speakers that love tube....the 34's can be very very good sounding..  
Shifting center image and recommendations on an approach
Try changing the phase of the speakers. See what happens.   
B&W 801: Matrix s2, Nautilus, 801D deep bass response
None of the above.  
Warm, Lush Laid-Back Smaller Floor Standers?
Well warm and lush usually refers to the look for a speaker that has a large midrange range driver and forget the compression horns and soft dome tweeter....  
Something other than Harbeth SHL5
You might take a look at the Wilson-Benesch P 1.0. If you scroll down on the page you will see a cut away of the new tweeter which has evolved from previous designs and completely built in house...They make some fine speakers.   
Why Is Hi Fi Gear So Darn Expensive?
Because so few people buy it.   
McIntosh reference preamp C12000
Any hi fi product labeled as " reference " should be avoided...  
More Bass
If I were to guess I would say you are clipping your amplifier. 4 Ohm speakers will surprise you with how much power you need to get the bass to rumble...  
Bookshelf Speakers with Rel 212se Subwoofer
There are many good book shelf speakers. Look for one that matches your amplification and source and cables. You have plenty of bass so if it were me I would want a speaker with a reach midrange.   
Are you getting the bass you deserve?
Johnk You have a swarm of 21" woofers.....very cool. rock and roll dud...  
Purpose of power handling in the specs?
There was a quote, I think by Art Dudley, " Why do you want 200 more watts if the. first 5 sound like crap"   or close to that.   
Are you getting the bass you deserve?
I finally got all the bass I got the bass I wanted  when I finally got the midrange I knew was possible. The right speakers and the right amplification and source. What made this possible was the excellent tube amp and pre. combined with a speaker...