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Cardas Clear Digital SPDIF
@dr3 it seemed a little more musical and open. Has that nice Cardas rightness to it.   
Cardas Clear Digital SPDIF
In my system Cardas clear spdif was a small step up from transparent premium spdif.   
Cardas Clear Beyond XL PC vs The Rest
I have 4 clear beyond xl power cords. I prefer them to shunyata. I actually think it’s the best product Cardas makes.   
New Speaker, Wilson MAXX 3, Alexandria series 1, Alexia series 1, YG sonja models
Have owned alexia 1, maxx3, and X2 Series 2. I still think the Maxx3 is the best looking speaker Wilson ever made, especially in silver. Maxx 3 is better than Alexia 1 and really not that much bigger of a footprint. X2 series 2 beats maxx 3 but mu... 
New release - Shunyata Omega interconnects and speaker cables
I found sigma v2 to be super clean but sort of bland in my system. Can’t imagine what omega is like.   
Aurender N20
I have about 200 hours on my N20. It’s amazing. Also a surprisingly beautiful and heavy chassis. If you can fit it into your budget I think the N20 will impress you.   
The difference between Qoboz stream vs purchased songs
I compared purchased music on hdtracks vs the same album on qobuz using Roon. The hdtracks files are in fact slightly better. Not dramatically but they are better.   
Make the Transparent move?
Transparent is excellent. I’ve tried a lot of cables and to me they’re the gold standard.   
Warning for Revel lovers
It's true, for $12,000 used (give or take) you get a speaker that for some reason is a masterpiece of a product. Without a doubt still as good as current offerings. A total joy to listen to.   
AudioQuest vs Cardas XLR
@garebear i agree. Cardas clear beyond just sound right to me.   
Streamers made in America?
Bricasti literally has a Chinese flag on their homepage. Not the look I’m going for. I think aurender is my best bet.   
AudioQuest vs Cardas XLR
I don’t want to buy a product from a company if I have figure out which country/ factory/ model cable I need to avoid China. I think the point is very on topic actually. Cardas makes every product in the USA, no matter where you buy it or how much... 
Streamers made in America?
Thank you everyone   
AudioQuest vs Cardas XLR
Cardas clear beyond works great with my McIntosh system. You can justify Audioquest however you want but Cardas clearly says Made in USA down the entire length of the cable. My dealer was really pissed Audioquest is outsourcing more to China. That... 
AudioQuest vs Cardas XLR
Actually according to my dealer all Audioquest cables are made in China except he wasn’t sure about the very highest model.