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New Townshend Rock 7 owner
I also have a Rock 3.  Bought it back 1997 -- by far, longest I've owned any piece of audio gear.  Works great with all arms I've rotated though: SME V, Rega, Linn Ittok, Michell Tecnoarm, Kuzma Stogi, Kuzma Stogi Reference, Jelco 750, OL Encounte... 
Cartridge Man pin colors
In my experience, no 
Cartridge Man pin colors
Dekay's info is correct.Czarivey's info wrong -- he has ground wires reversed.Green = R groundBlue  =  L groundI own the cartridge and I just checked it. 
Recommendation for Tonearm Cable
Morrow Audio.  Check his Pre-owned cables page for 55% discount. Several pair there now for well under your budget.  Excellent cable. 
Favorite phono stage in the $500-$800 range?
Consider the Vista Audio phono section. Price is below your bottom price, but it performs above your top price. 
Review: TAD (Tube Audio Design) TAD 1000 mono blocks
Robert....I have the schematic for TAD 1000 monos, if you still need it.Regards, John 
Tube Preamp with adjustable gain
The YS Audio / Audio Horizons Balanced A2 (and A2-SE) has abjustable gain. I own it, darn good linestage.http://www.ys-audio.com/a2.htm 
Townshend Rock Mk III table upgrade
Update: I have recently started using the Rock's silicon dampening trough again. Despite the very high quality of the Kuzma Stogi Ref arm, the improvement is NOT subtle. So my earlier assertion is erroneous. Sorry 'bout that. 
Zu Soul Superfly
Just a clarification / expansion on the Aleph amps that Gopher / Fred has referred to. They are my amps out on loan to him. They are Aleph clones built by Tim Rawson: 70 to 80 wpc SS mono-amps that run in full Class A. Excellent amps that run very... 
Dynavector 20 Xl , Benz Micro Ace SL or Denon
One thing I forgot to add....the Dyna 20X is dead quiet in the groove. Best in that regard of any cart I have tried. None of that annoying ssssh sssssh ssssssh surface noise. 
Dynavector 20 Xl , Benz Micro Ace SL or Denon
Hi Bob-There is just something about the overall tone and natural rendition of detail of the 20X that really appeals to me. It is rich and warm with good weight. Overall sound is relaxed and musical. Maybe not the transparency and resolution of mo... 
Dynavector 20 Xl , Benz Micro Ace SL or Denon
UPDATE - since my last post I have tried the following cartridges in my system: Benz Wood SH, Dynavector 17D2 mk2, Shelter 501 Mk2, Nagaoka MP-50. My Dyna 20X-H is still my fave....by a wide margin...despite the higher price tag most of the others... 
Townshend Rock Mk III table upgrade
I have owned the Townshend Rock Mk3 since 1997. Last year I purchased a Kuzma Stabi S / Stogi S setup. That was really nice too, but the long and short of it is that the Rock is still here and the Kuzma is sold.Apart from this, I have not compared... 
Dynavector 20 Xl , Benz Micro Ace SL or Denon
I second the Dyna 20X recommendation above. I use the HO version and I love it. It is dead quiet in the groove, tracks like a demon, and the sound is musical and very well balanced. It simply sounds "right" to my ear. In my system I preferred it t... 
Primaluna Dialogue 2
Thank you. Do you know for a fact that all 4 small tubes are used in line section?The Dialogue 2 has HT bypass inputs. This means that its amp section can be used separately by running an outboard preamp into. I'm guessing that one pair of small t...