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Steve Guttenberg reviews an ATC active?
Apologies @lonemountain it wasn't my intention to generalise studio monitor listeners.  I am in favor of active speakers, as I spend far too much time in my home office compared to my basement.  If you or anyone has guidance on understanding "conv... 
Steve Guttenberg reviews an ATC active?
@phusis "Which is to say no conversion steps from analogue to digital and back (or with a digital input a D/A-conversion only)" I must admit i am confused by this, i am playing some tunes through my Eve Audio DSP monitors in my office which do not... 
Speaker Spikes - Working Principle
Has anyone invented vibration control wheels/castors?!  My wife always like to tidy up and move my speakers to the back wall!  
Spotify's HiFi tier could finally be about to launch
Shame they spend so much on podcast guests (25 million Harry & Meghan) and the staff have to pay for it.  When will we get hi-res!?  https://ra.co/news/79901    
Spotify's HiFi tier could finally be about to launch
Active Speakers - Anything new coming?
Dac Upgrade
How would you describe the sound of the Perreaux R200i intergrated amp? As this should influence your decision of your chosen dac? I have a Belles integrated and wanted to soften the highs that I was experiencing with my speakers. Therefore I went... 
Desktop single-driver speakers?
Eve Audio SC203  
DACs and more. Is there a good analog sounding DAC.
Any feedback on Lab12?  One came up used lately but i was too slow!   https://hifipig.com/lab12-dac1-reference-dac/    
Pimping your router
Good name for a band!  
Whats the best sounding tube cd player up until now? Vintage or newer.
Any new tube CD players with dacs on the market?  Cheers  
Acronova Nimbie Real Life Experiences
Any Nimbie dbpoweramp fans out there?    
Suspended Memories . Anyone else like them?
Really like this track by Steve Roach https://steveroach.bandcamp.com/track/spiral-of-strengthI'm a bit late to the party what other uptempo Steve Roach albums would you recommend?  Cheers 
Active Speaker Choice
Nice thread, also thinking of going active one dayFYI https://sonicpurity.com.au/blog/2017/9/27/me-geithain-active-speakers 
High end Class D amps?
Would love to hear the AGD amps, any news on his active speaker collaboration? Cheers