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Is it possible to have Good Imaging close to wall
I have absolutely no freaking idea, but every speaker maker except the ones "who make speakers to work close to the wall" use exactly that phrase when I ask them why their speakers don't image when they are not obeying the Cardas rule or some othe... 
Pre-Amp for Class D Amp
I have tried The TRL Dude, Conrad Johnson Premier 16LS, EAR 868, eastern Electric Avant, all tubes, and all sound fantastic with my Bel Canto ref 1000 M amps as well as with Class D audio SDS 470 amps. Tubes, tubes, tubes the key ! 
Need TAD-150 Signature Preamp Owner's Manual
Yes, Dubs, you can. But your preamp should have 2 outputs - send both rights to right amp, etc. DEouble wire your speaker terminals. So you are horizontally biamping in essence. 
Recommendation for SS amp for biamping
Class D amplifiers (CDA) - SDS 470 - $700 with gain controls - high enough power to drive your low end,\. I bi-amp Von Schweikert VR-35s with Bel canto 1000 Ref on top and Class d amps on bottom with tube preamp and they work fine. 
What tubes and where to buy them? Conrad Johnson
I would also recommend Brent Jesse very highly. 
What tubes and where to buy them? Conrad Johnson
Pedrod 45: The Tubecenter on ebay. Just had great service from them on 6GK5 tubes for a CJ Premier 14. And yes, Andy is still in business. Spoke to him last week, 
Best tube preamp with remote under $2000 used
I too am anxious to hear if you actually heard he Fusion Level 2 upgrade.Walter doesn't usually hype. He's pretty blunt. 
Best tube preamp with remote under $2000 used
Maybe the Mk 2 sounds better than the basic fusion. I'll certainly let you know how the Mk 2 sounds, Strateahed 
Best tube preamp with remote under $2000 used
I presume you've listened to both, Schubert? 
Best tube preamp with remote under $2000 used
Just found a Jolida Fusion with Mk 2 upgrades, retailed for $2200 which I found used at a huge reduction, much less than the Avant, , so bought it. EE avant was top of my list till I found this bargain.Will let you know!! Thank you for all your help. 
Best tube preamp with remote under $2000 used
For the record, the only reason I'm selling the Maple Tree is the lack of remote - it has everything else. 
Preamp suggestion for Class d Audio sds 470c
Basically any good tube preamp. I have used Maple Tree, Conrad Johnson, Tad 150 - all sound great - CJ the best.I am so impressed with this amp that I own 3!!!(No connection to company.- in fact I have urged Tom to upgrade his website and provide ... 
Conrad Johnson Dealer in Tucson?
Thanks for your help. CJ e-mailed the name of the Tucson dealer who has been AWOL from Agon. 
Tube preamp question
How about what's a "better" preamp: the CJ ET3 SE or Joule 150 ii?( Ignore th EAR 868.)Thanks! 
Speaker Upgrade Help Please
Here are rare speakers that are not monitors and designed for near wall placement:North Creek Big Kat Revelatorshttp://www.northcreekmusic.com/Kitty/Big_Kat_Info.htm