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Why does it take so many hours to brea in arc preamps and amps?
Bob Crump (TG Audio/CTC Builders) was contracted by John Curl to design/voice the Parasound JC-1 monoblocks - based on the HCA-3500 amp chassis. Break-in time with the JC-1s is horrible as it takes right at 30 days for the thinness to go away and... 
Sanders Sound Systems 10E - The Genius has done it.
I heard the full Sanders Sound System at T.H.E. Show in Newport. The 10E’s were driven by a pair of his stereo Magtech amps (900 w/ch) along with his preamp + room correction software. Fantastic! The music had incredible dynamics. The panels were ... 
Where to get a reliable Cryo treatment service for Power cord?
This company was very prompt and professional with my speaker cables. 
Redbook Keeps Surprising
At T.H.E. Show in Newport, I was speaking with the designer/manufacturer of the Bricasti line of DAC’s. This was early Friday morning before the crowds showed up. He said that an LP is in the neighborhood of 14 bits/18kHz (perhaps - up to 25Hz on ... 
Best High End Audio Manufacturer???
PBN Audio – phenomenal! My unique monoblocks were on deathwatch after a botched repair. Peter Noerbaek offered to take a look at them. Not only did he successfully bring them back to life, he significantly went above and beyond the repair to a min... 
Radio stations for Jazz....
KJAZZ   Long Beach, CA   
Spdif cable
As usual, Kijanki's response is accurate and informative. My brief response is that every digital cable I've used in my system (transport to dac) has affected the sound one way or another - sometimes dramatically. 
Help with a Kora Galaxy tube amp
The only one in the U.S. who can help you with Kora gear is: Audiogon member: Aball 
My System....where to start on the upgrade path
Hi Mapman,CR Developments Artemis mono-blocks (tube) and Carver Lightstar Reference (SS). 
Di-Poles and back wall reflections Stats
Newbee is right. Setting up stats is no walk in the park - it's more like a marathon. The tweaking of my stats included (1) proper toe-in (2) room lenses (3) as much distance from the back wall as possible (4) locating and dampening reflection poi... 
Opinions on Sunfire, Carver Lightstar amps
I, too, have a Lightstar Reference. Drives my stats with ease. Sounds pretty amazing. 
Infinity Renaissance 90
Mackkhan, the owner's manual for the 80's and 90's says - "Renaissance speakers have been designed to deliver optimum performance with the grilles in place. Under no circumstances should the grilles be removed prior to listening becauses this will... 
Yamaha T-2 Tuner, how good musically?
I've just auditioned 4 tuners in the past 2 months.I was going to give the T-2 a try. But, I'll pass. Thanks!