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Butler TDB 5150 Amp -- Anyone hear this yet?
I have a pair of Butler A-100's on the way. I should have them in the next few days. I auditioned them at Todd Anthony's Stereo in N.C. They are just one of the best amps that I have ever heard in any price range. These go for $ 12,000 but compare... 
SS/Mono Amps Warm,Musical,Detailed
I think you like the suggestion by Mike. The Rowlands are Great! 
tube amp shoot-out
You might consider trying some different tubes in the Manley. Cryo treated can solve many of the problems you describe.Send me a private e-mail and will share a source with you. I will also give you my phone # and I can call you back on my dime.Mi... 
Manley Reference 350
The Manleys make lots of heat. I would suggest a pair of Jeff Rowland model 7's. Great tubelike sound, run much cooler, and lots of power to handle that load of the Revels.Good Luck, 
looking for tube amps to power top-end of speakers
I am not sure what your speaker requirments are for the crossover. One of the best tube amps around is the Snapper from Manley. Triode/Mono Blocks. Lots of power and the sound is great. If you can find a used pair they will be around your price go... 
has anyone else heard of him??
If you are a fan of the Sinatra type sound, you must listen to Michael Buble', COME FLY WITH ME. It is certainly worth the price of admission. 
Thank You, to the Person Who Helped You the Most.
It is really Great when we let others know how much they mean to us.Good feedback Guys. If I can ever help any of you, please feel free to call on me.Happy tunes,Michael 
How to share speakers without bypass?
Just a suggestion, I am using Manley Amps that have both balanced XLR and RCA single ended inputs. I checked with Manley and they told me that I could use both inputs and just switch (using the factory installed switch) between the two inputs. I a... 
Vandersteen users: How low can you go with tubes
Take a look at the MANLEY STINGRAY. It is intigrated @ 50 watts a channel the only thing better than the price is the sound. You will find listings here on Audiogon at some bargin prices. The reviews on this product have been Great!Good Listening, 
HELP with my Audio Aero Capitole Mk II
Thanks for all the Great feedback!Michael 
Beveridge Model 2sw Electrostatic
I owned a pair of Model 6 's, Serial #'s 1 & 2 . This was the original pair that were shown at the CES show in the early 80's. Without a question these were one of the best sounds I have ever owned. I lost these in a fire. I replaced them with... 
Help need to chose DAC
Try the Kora Hermes and Audio Note before you decide. Both of these are very good at their price points.Good Listening, 
best speakers under $1000 for classic rock?
Vandersteen's will treat your ears and your budget.Lots to choose from in your price range here on Audiogon.Good Listening, 
My wife touched my turntable - help please
Be very careful! She may remind you that 1/2 of that turntable belongs to her! LOLSounds like everything is OK, just teach her how do it correctly. Her half anyway!Good Listening,Smiles,Michael 
good/best CD player with variable out
I agree with Mejames. I own the Audio Aero Capitol Mark 2. I replaced my preamp, dac, and transport with this unit. I also saved the noise and distortion created by aditional power cords and interconnects, not to mention their cost.Good Listening,