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New or Old DAC
I am an older DAC chip guy. I just finished a DAC design by Pedja that uses a TDA1541A Philips chip. The chip went out of production in or about 1995. I found and use the TDA1541AS2 chip (premium grade), a very hard chip to find. Another great old... 
Blu ray and SACD
Just to add to the Play Station 3 comments. Only the older 60 Gig and older 80 Gig PS3 play SACD. I don't believe the newer 80 Gig, 40 Gig or the 120 Gig do. I have the older 80 Gig and it works great, plus like Buconero117 said, software update i... 
Merlin vsm question
Atmasphere, Bobby from Merlin told me that too. My Melos gear was a MAT-180 amp and a Maestro preamp. I am sure there are tube amps that work better with the VSM speakers. The V4 monos may work well with VSMs. They will probably work well with Pro... 
Merlin vsm question
I'll pipe in here. I had the Merlin VSM-M for 6 years. I used them with Melos, Karan and a high powered class D mono amps. They never did it for me. I did have a balanced battery BAM. I used a tube preamp in all cases except with the Karan integra... 
Looking for a good 5.1 AVR
Pioneer Elite SC-05. Great receiver on that Auction site for $650.00. You will love it. My brother just got one. It is very nice. I have last years VSX-94 and it's been great. 
Used speakers for $3k? Oh the confusion
Update: I still have the Tantos, but found a problem with the crossover in the ProAc1SC kit. I made the change and the ProAc clones came alive. I still haven't had allot of time with the Tantos. The clones with some tweaks are amazing. 
Home theater system with ProAc Response 1s?
Go to the Emotiva web site and get their UMC-1 pre/processor (if it ever comes out) and their XPA-5 five channel amp. Both for $1500.00 now spend at least $1200.00 on a sub woofer. Your ProAcs will love the Emotiva stuff. 
inexpensive preamp for Ayre V3 with Green Mountain
Audio Mirror. They are awesome! I have the Pp1. It's not lean, but full bodied and dynamic. Both Audio Mirror preamps are in your price range, used. Both have excellent sound and remote control. 
rookie drunk move
Alright I'll pipe in. I was building a custom speaker using Dynaudio drivers. I had a few beers, went back to change a resistor out. Sat down to have a listen to the change and within a minute my mono amp throws sparks and dies. I still remember t... 
rookie drunk move
Tholt.....Who's wheat? Did you brew it yourself? I love beer. IPA's are my favorite. I've had some good wheat beer too.I'm glad your amps still work. Never drink and wire. Your lucky you didn't spill your beer in the speakers. What a waste of a go... 
I've got a PS Audio GCC-250 on the way. Mistake??
Having second thoughts about your purchase? The key is, if you don't like it sell it as soon as you know.Hey, you may love it. It might be exactly the sound your looking for.I purchased a pair of speakers that got great reviews. I spent the money ... 
Best Sounding Monoblocks in $900-$1500 Range?
Channel Island D-200 used. 
$5000 integrated budget: Please help me choose....
The Karan is a great integrated. I sold mine because it had no pre outs. 
Ice Block Amps
I am going on my second pair of Class D mono amps. I love them too. They are great with a tube preamp. I've had my first pair for over a year. I sold them to build some newer technological ones. Ive gone through the tube and solid state amps as we... 
The best "imaging" speakers?
ProAc! Any model.