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Why so many ARC Ref 6SE preamps up for sale?
Why do people feel the need to ask why “insert component” is for sale?  Things come and go.  
Oppo UHP 205 Universal Player
I have a 205 that I’ve been using since I bought it new when they first came out. It’s pretty great with a few upgrades that I performed a couple of years ago. Is it worth $2500….? I guess it depends. I heard a little while ago that OPPO is actual... 
Bad news for home theater enthusiasts
I recently had a few people over to watch a movie on my OPPO-205 to which I’ve added a linear power supply and improved IEC.  We then went through my library of movies on Blu-ray and even plain old DVD and compared portions of them to their stream... 
Why is solid state more popular when tubes are better?
All things being equal in terms of amplifier design quality between SS and tubes, tubes are more equal.  
How many of you streaming?
Sometimes I bounce about, sometimes I don’t.  Most albums have a lot of filler songs.  Not all can be good and the newer ones seem to have a LOT more fillers in these days of streaming.    
Hardly see any Von Schweikert upper end speakers for sale here.
I’ve had my VR-44 Passives for the last 10 years and have felt no reason to replace them.  The reflect the quality of the signal provided to them.  
How long does Class A have?
Greta has never pretended to be anything but a kid.  Her consistent message is to listen to the scientists.  Stupid science.Linear powered class D module with a low power, class A input preamp section is the future.  High powered Class A output is... 
What Is The Most Romantic Song That You Have Ever Listen To?
Did I miss someone mentioning....“Hallelujah” written by Leonard Cohen and covered amazingly by Jeff Buckley (among others) 
Tube Research Samson Repair?
I’m listening to my Samson’s right now being driven by my Dude preamp.  It’s a very satisfying combination.  The circuit in the Samson isn’t terribly complicated.  I’ve made a few modifications and repairs on the three of them over the years.  I’m... 
Personal amp evolution
My 20-year list is somewhat long with a (currently) happy ending:1. Kyocera R-8512. CJ Premier 11A (I still have it in a second system)3. Monarchy Audio SE 160 Hybrid Monos4. Lamm M1.1 Hybrid Monos5. Stellavox PW1 Monos6. Van Alstine Ultra 550 Hyb...