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Any bluegrass fans?
Bill Monroe is the ol Dad of Bluegrass, you should have some first generation stuff. There are boxed sets of Bill Monroe & The Bluegrass Boys, from different eras on the Bear Family label. More recent ones have better fidelity of course.......... 
Speakers with Depth Layering abilities
My Genesis 201's in a tube based system do a fabulous job of soundstage depth & width.......multiple layers etc. 
Upgrade from Line 3 to Line 3 SE
I ran a Line 3 for a couple of years running it on NOS tubes, before trading in for the SE version. I never looked back, improvements across the board in my rig! 
Any Digital Lens Owners out there?
Good job Kevin !!! Beat me to the punch...I know I have a manual around here somewhere, but where to look? Pretty easy set up, mine just stays on 20 bit with both green lights on........These were among the first jitter/upsampler boxes and still h... 
Building a dedicated room
I had good success with the walls tapered,the room is somewhat narrower from the speaker end, wider from the listening end, high ceilings..... and sloping upward from the speaker end of the room, towards the listening position. 
john coltrane digital??????
I like the Mobile Fidelity gold version of Giant Steps which is a "classic" I love the tune Naima , another MFSL CD is Blue Train, another gold MFSL CD I like is Ballads and finally Coltrane with Johnny Hartman where his band is wonderful backing ... 
Other Tube Amps that compete with BAT 150SE
I'm quite pleased with the BAT 150SE's and I've owned quite a few amps. I am however using them with Genesis 201's which have a separate sub-woofer amp, kind of like what you are describing for a bi amp set up. 
Genesis Stealth
I'm not sure about the Stealth, but the woofer amps for Genesis speakers were built by:Cullen Circuits2323 Tuley rd. Suite 1Pasa Robles, CA 93446805 237 2113 
Recommend a DAC for my system....please.
I'm in the same club as Lafish. I've owned both the SFD2mkIIand still have the Processor 3. Good value used, great parts quality, & you can fine tune them with tube choice. SFD2'mkIIs are like $1500. used, an incredible deal IMO....add somethi... 
Allison Krauss fans, try this one.
I'd love to do Merlefest some year, great lineups they get there, an incredible list of acoustic musicians....I hear weather can be a problem for that one....I'm off to Wintergrass in the Tacoma/Seattle area this month, since I'm hailing from the ... 
Allison Krauss fans, try this one.
Meisterkleef hit on a good one.....Matt Flinner is a great player, he also can be heard in a trio format with David Grier on guitar and Todd Phillips on bass, they have two great Trio CD's out, under all their names, very well recorded. I just saw... 
Allison Krauss fans, try this one.
Chris Thile, the mandolin wunderkind from Nickel Creek, has been putting out records since he was 10 years old, he has 3 or 4 under his own name, mostly instrumental, he just recorded one as a duo with multi instrumentalist Mike Marshall....they h... 
Can you ever have too much power?
Hmmmmmmm, I've always felt that when an amp was running too close to its limits, the sound wasn't as good as when it was just crusin' along not being pushed. I think some headroom is a good thing. 
Warm and Wet cables?
Sounds like a job for Cardas Golden Cross, which is warmer than Golden Reference. Known to tame digital edge......worked for me! 
New Mcintosh products at CES???
Lets see model number....its been a few years they were XRT 18's or XRT 17' to the huge top of the line model.....there was a box with 2-12' woofers and a 5" midrange and then a separate tweeter tower that had 13-1" tweeters.......I li...