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musica bella tube preamp
Call Andy. Fastest and best way to deal with him. You won't be disappointed. He is the man!Did you get the solid state or tube power supply? 
Best Cheap Amps for Magneplanar Speakers
Want to add a little tube magic? There is a hybrid Counterpoint SA-100 for $695 also.  
Best Cheap Amps for Magneplanar Speakers
Cruising the ads I see a Belles 150A 3ch amp for $695. Probably can't go wrong with that. 
Can too many components on one outlet affect the sound of an amp?
Try running your amp direct in the wall. Run your source gear and pre amp off the conditioner. Next separate digital from analog gear if possible. 
Gaining Audio Equipment Knowledge? Want Pre+Amp Under 3K
The older gear is going cheap now with 11.2 coming out. You can always add more Sunfire or B&K amps. I would try and stick with all the same brand speakers and amps. Think longer term for these components. Find what you like and build from the... 
2k budget for home theater
The items I listed are all on Audiogon. The B&K receiver has much more robust amplification than the typical receiver. You could skip the center channel. It's your choice. There are better subs too. It's just money and the sub size might facto... 
2k budget for home theater
Those JBL speakers are powered. You don't need powered speakers with a receiver. The receiver contains the power amplifiers. I found this in your budget.B&K 707 Receiver $7994 Gallo CL-2 speakers 369/pr = $7381 Gallo CL-C center speaker $2991 ... 
Gaining Audio Equipment Knowledge? Want Pre+Amp Under 3K
Anthem D2 or AVM-50V for $1700 and B&K 200.5 for $700.  
Has Audiogon Been Hacked?
I received that as well. Good to know. Thanks for posting. 
I would stick with the Cary. Add a tube DAC or CD player. 
Questions About Bulk Power Cable, Sugestions Needed
Parts Connexion has 10G Audience cable in bulk for 12.95/ft.http://www.partsconnexion.com/wire_ac_auric.html 
Bright & fast speaker cables with great imaging ?
You might try some DH Labs Silversonic T14 which is a silver coated copper wire. It's very good wire for the price, and the silver coating makes it brighter. 
Tube Amp Maintenance Tip...
A lot of guys use Walker Audio Super Silver Treatment SST. 
Is this piece worth anything these days?
Looks like these are selling for $40-$75 on ebay. 
Fast & open sounding amp with great imaging 2k
There is a classic pair of VTL TT-25 Tiny Triodes for 875 which is a great price. You could even re-tube with NOS tubes from Andy at VintageTubeServices and be near your 2K budget. Also there is a pair of Music Metre silver interconnects (retail 4...