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Subwoofer Recommendations
SVS is the best audio company I've ever dealt with, bar none. As I've said elsewhere, when one of my 1000s went on the blink after five years of service, SVS replaced the electronics for $35 shipping. The sub was up and running 20 minutes after th... 
Oppo 103 & Roku?
Just a follow up in case anyone else has the same question: I got the Roku Ultra which came today, and connected it via the included HDMI cable to the back of the Oppo 103. It works beautifully. Now I've got everything--Amazon, Youtube, Netflix--r... 
Oppo 103 & Roku?
Thanks very much Erik--that's a big help. -Stewie 
Oppo 103 & Roku?
Hi Erik, Do you know which Roku you’re using? My current streaming widget (which came with the 103) doesn’t get Amazon, but is otherwise fine; in fact, the audio quality is better than the Fire stick on the TV. If I could get a stick in the 103 th... 
Outstanding Customer Service From SVS!
Follow up. Got the new amp, installed it in woofer cabinet as per instructions, shipped old amp back in box. Subwoofer good as new. W/o question, quickest and best customer service dept. I've encountered.  
Anyone used a HDMI to stereo rca adapter
Hi R Burke,I was in the same boat a couple of months back--just got my first flat screen, and I still use tubes too. I ended up getting this: 
Modern Jazz (as in recent) Music Suggestions
To me, the most interesting things happening in jazz are happening in Europe--Marcin Wasilewski Trio (and Tomas Stanko when Wasilewski's trio backed him up), Tord Gustafson, Bobo Stenson, Arild Andersen, etc.... , all on the ECM label.  
OPPO BDP 103/105, sound quality???
I just got the Oppo 103 for DVD/BlueRay playback, and the sound quality is superb. It has RCA outs for a 2-channel hookup (as well as 5 channel hookup), which is what I use. My own feeling is that, where CD players are concerned, you can hit the u... 
Moto_Man's Scam Of The Week
Well, if you've ever been on the job market for a position in big city orchestras, you'll notice that they have some very specific rules governing their blind auditions. All of the rules are designed to keep the playing field level. In addition to... 
Digital Coaxial audio to rca/analogue questions
Thanks for the responses, Theo. Yes, the TV does have a coaxial digital audio out. Adapter on order.  
Blu Ray Plyr for Two-Channel Stereo RCA Outputs ?
DB,I'm sure you're right that my "analog via RCA requirement suggests and Oppo 105 or 95," but alas, my budget suggests something less expensive. ;) 
Blu Ray Plyr for Two-Channel Stereo RCA Outputs ?
Thanks very much, Bill. I found the manual and went to the pages you suggested. Much obliged. 
Blu Ray Plyr for Two-Channel Stereo RCA Outputs ?
Does using just the FR and FL channels cut the sound quality? That is, are those channels just sending out a narrow frequency band, or do those outputs send out the whole band? 
Shipping Set of Speakers across country
Like everything, it all depends on who is doing the packing. It's one thing if a speaker manufacturer is packing the speakers with custom double boxes, and then dropping them off at the freight co. to be secured to a palet. Quite another if the fr... 
Recommend a subwoofer?
I can also recommend the SVS subs. Great value, great company.