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Streamers with best apps?
I tested Aurender/Auralic/Lumin as a streamer recently at home (on iPhone/iPad )and must say Lumin has the easiest app to use , Aurender was OK but for Tidal I like Auralic( to me it’s very strange that via Tidal app, you don’t have any control ov... 
I can’t comment on Evolution but I have nuPrime ST-10 for 2 weeks in my setup  and like it more than Hypex Ncore 500, very musical and smooth. I feel bad bc always considered nuPrime as a MidFi brand.IMO,ST-10 highly recommended if you want to try... 
Auralic Vega g2 or aurender a10
@audiotroy I heard LUMIN T2 but to my ears upper range is bit harsh, do you think it is because of DAC part? anyway lumin app, detail and bass control is amazing! 
Can you tell the difference between Tidal and Spotify
I had both Tidal HIFI and Spotify at the same time and did compare them. For new albums I couldn’t notice any difference but old albums was slightly better on Tidal (Not sure maybe I thought it should be better) , my DAC doesn’t support MQA but pp... 
Klipsch, introduces The Cornwall IV, and I think it will be a killer !
Last month I was demoed Kilipsch Fortie 3, and I did not like it at all.Few years back I heard their standard towers and the same feeling ,I don’t  understand the hype around this brand! 
Owner of "Anticables" and dealer for Spatial Audio is an amazing guy
I missed you, Geoffkait 🤓 the best I learned from you was the vibration discussion that end up to a pure physics lecture and it’s climax was when someone mentioned our brains also vibrating when we listening 😁 
Owner of "Anticables" and dealer for Spatial Audio is an amazing guy
I have à pair of Spatial Speakers and so far couldn’t find anything better that make me to replace them! Amazing design 👍🏻👌🏻 I also bought some cables from AntiCables and happy with their service!  
Time to buy a class D amp?
@atmasphere  I always enjoying reading your posts 👍🏻✌🏻👌🏻 
Anyone here with Magico A3 driven by Bel Canto Ref600's?
Nice 😎another hot discussion around class D amps 🍿🍿🍿btw, after reading so many reviews of Magico speakers, went to hear them for the first time in 2016( don’t remember the model number but it was a big one) and become totally disappointed, IMHO to... 
Spatial Audio M3 Tubo S open baffle speaker review
I have spatial M1 SE and I must say they are amazing speakers! Don’t underestimate them just bc of their price tag. 
Any experience with Tannoy loudspeakers?
I had a pair of Precision 6.2 series. First used Caspain M2 to power them, the result was meh... Then I used Magnat RV1, bass extension became better and then used Pass Labs XA30.5 and bass was perfect so it seems they are very sensitive to feed. ... 
Why is the high end stratospheric?
I do believe some high end audio brands also scam their rich fanboys but scare to mention any specific name 😎 
Manufacturers pushing their products and agenda in the forums.
Respect the NATURAL SELECTION RULE and let the stronger(here I mean good hifi gears) grows and don’t courage ppl being PC ! I think most of us can distinguish a real end user experience from a subliminal marketing. 
Is Pre-Amp needed
Based on my limited experience, preamp is most important part after your speakers. You can read all the numbers and statements that logically sounds correct but if you add a good preamplifier, you understand why people use preamps.p.s)Some DACs eq... 
Is Pre-Amp needed
Right now my preamp sent for upgrading and I use direct DAC /power amp! It works but a bit dry and raw to my ears, a good preamp adds more taste to the sound and I already miss mine. If you want to have analog setup, preamp is a must for volume co...