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ayon cd1 colour problems
I do know the remote chips very easily if it touches anything. As for the faceplate, I would check mine to compare but it's been sitting at the dealer for repairs for the past 7 weeks. 
legacy speakers
I guess his own employees couldn't tell him for you? You had to email him yourself? Stuff like that really rubs me the wrong way when it happens to me. $100 sounds high for "processing" a card transaction. 
You could also consider the B&W 685's which are front ported. 
no looking back
One of the fastest, easiest and most economical is the Spin Clean. I always use that first and if I want to go further I have the VPI 16.5. I will have to wait until the ultrasonic offerings mature a bit and get more price competitive. 
Best Amp for Timbre, Depth and Spatial Resolution?
I rather enjoy Bo1972 posts especially the discussion of sound stages. I am also free to skip them if I want. 
How to meaningfully audition speakers??
It gets tougher as one moves up the scale. Early in the process I made a large jump from B&W cm7 to the 802D which represented a nice improvement and was easy to hear. Now I couldn't audition at my home without hauling some big heavy speakers ... 
Recommendation for Tube Preamp around $1000
Cary SLP 03 would fit the bill nicely. 
best used multichannel amp for the money...?
Cary cinema amps would be a good value. 
Small wall-mount speaker recommendations?
Try the B&W 686 they are front ported and have a hanger in the back. I have a pair in my garage hung on the wall and they work great. 
Cary SLP 03
I really enjoy mine and haven't wanted for anything else since. It offers a great sound stage and channel separation. Plenty of inputs including a cinema bypass. I havent changed the stock tubes yet. 
Spectron MIII mk II owner's question.
Anyone try the remote sense cables? What are the results? 
digital vs vinyl thoughts
I am able to enjoy both by not having to decide which is better. Just liking the music that I hear... 
The fastest and easiest record cleaner that also does a good job is Spin Clean. I eventually added a VPI but still use the SC for the first step to get all of fuzz, dust and finger prints off. Sometimes I get lazy and skip the 3 more steps on the ... 
is there a best music player on the computer?
Jplay appears to be the game changer for PC's. 
Music Servers-Why so few?
Bondmanp= How does the Vortexbox integrate with the Squeezebox? I kind of dismissed the SB as I thought the resolution maxed at 24/96. I dont have much higher res stuff, mostly ripped CD's but still want to hear what the highest rez sounds like.Ke...