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Focal Sopra 2 vs Sopra 3?
Just upgraded from the 1028be to the Sopra 2. The difference was not small. I was lucky in that I got a 9/10 used pair of the 2’s for $8k a couple of weeks ago (and sold my 1028’s for $4k). Not sure if the jump would have been worth it for a new p... 
Focal Sopra 2 owners - need your help with base plate measurements
Thank you.I already own the Townshend platforms and am very happy with what they did with my current speakers.  They also made a HUGE difference with my Rel sub. 
KEF LS50 Meta
The new LS50 metas definitely look interesting.  While I generally don't put a ton of stock in reviewer's comments, Steve G. doesn't generally gush over stuff.  Gonna head down to my dealer when they get a pair in to have a listen.  Will report ba... 
KEF LS50 Meta
Audiotroy needs his own area of the site so that we can get through a thread without him hijacking it.  I'd probably spend half the time going through thread posts every day...and end up getting a lot more value out of them. 
KEF LS50 Meta
Another shameless sales pitch from audiotroy.  Shocked... 
Best options for active speakers $4k or below?
Roon Certification News, Share
@dpac996 The M21 is not RoonReady. It works, but does not have the certification.The only ones that are RoonReady are the M1, M5 and M12. 
Lumin X1 latest Review like we have been saying
The USB "input" is only for connecting a hard drive or flash drive with media stored on it.  You can't use it to connect to your computer. 
Integrated brand choice -- Simaudio, Hegel or Mark Levinson?
Thanks all.Selling my Bricasti M28 mono's in an attempt to simply and reduce my overall investment in the hobby (other priorities abound).The more I thought about it last night, the more I reduced my wants to something that doesn't add color (IMO,... 
Integrated brand choice -- Simaudio, Hegel or Mark Levinson?
Had the 340ix at one point and was good with the sound, but I'm looking for the next bracket up.  Not really interested in tubes...prefer the simplicity of solid state.Looking for something that is neutral-ish and just gets out of the way while pr... 
Bricasti DAC owners
@jglacken ... any updates on getting your issue sorted out? 
Bricasti DAC owners
No issues here on an M21 where the board was already installed when built in March 2021. 
Magico A3
Anyone compare the A3 to the A5? 
Bricasti DAC owners
Which firmware version are you on? 
Bricasti DAC owners
Call Joe at Bricasti...he’ll get you squared away.