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High end sub for big room. Suggestions?
2 18 inch Bag End subs with elf stereo processor and I defy any other set-up to top the preformance with either HT or stereo. 
Bohlender Graebener -Worth Buying?
No, from at 550 us each and 100 shipping. 
"sandwich" platform for amps
Detlof you are right I am a cook and here again would recommend baking a sandwich on your amp versus making a sandwich for your amp. In fact in your honor I am having a "detlof meatloaf" = vegitarian (or meatless, that is the part in your honor...... 
Bohlender Graebener -Worth Buying?
I love them!!! Unbelievable transparency. While thet won't play as loud as my Kef 3.2's (or as low) they are just as clear and dynamic. When paired with a good sub(bagend for me) they are fantastic. I did great! I think this is basically same spea... 
"sandwich" platform for amps
What a monumental waste of time. Vvvvvibration is not your enemy.The whole world resonates ates ates ates... Ever see live music on a stage.It rocks.If you want a project get a roll of 1/4 inch acoustic lead soundproofing and sandwich it with mdf ... 
Bohlender Graebener -Worth Buying?
Just got email today saying shipping! Will see and report. 
Bohlender Graebener -Worth Buying?
I have still not got mine from ubid?*%#@% 
Altec Lansings 604 E S The BEST ?YES
I don't own but am considering buying. They are supposedly classics and sell for about 900.00 us without cabinets. A friend who builds speakers for clubs, bands etc has a set and he swears by them. I have kef 4's and while not done side by side co... 
Best Bass On CD Vote 2001=JAMES CARTER
For second place I am declaring a tie between Victor Wooten's 2 cd Yin-Yang. 
Bohlender Graebener -Worth Buying?
thanks guys!! 
Bohlender Graebener -Worth Buying?
Is this mike working? Can anyone hear me? HELLO? 
Bohlender Graebener -Worth Buying?
Still not got but the web site looks killer! Anyone listening to them? 
Sony SCD-1 vs SCD-777es?
My hand to god I have all 3 and will bet ANYONE 10 to 1 that they will not hear a difference between the 3. 
Cable / Upgrade Recommendation
Hey, the RCA cable that came with the Morrisson ELAD is as good if not better than any cable available, it's RLC parameters are precisely what is reguired for audio signal transmission. I have used the Elad and the suppied cable as reference compo... 
To Sub or not to Sub...?
Yes, bag end elf with 2 18 bag end subs in stereo!